Marina coil linked to Breast Cancer?

I was fitted with a Marina coil in Jan 2005 and diagnosed with Stage 3 DCIS BC in December 2005. The surgon commented that it was a very aggressive cancer and might only have started growing within the previous 6 months (ie since the marina was implanted). In addition, a friend who also had a Marina in 2005 underwent surgery this week for LCIS.
I am interested in anybody else who has been diagnosed with BC since having a Marina or anybody who knows of any actions being taken against Schering Health Care Ltd who manufacture it.

I had a Mirena coil fitted for 7 years before getting BC (I was onto my second). I was assured by my GP that the hormone dosage was too low & localised to have any effect. I still had it removed immediately on dx. I will be interested to see what anyone else says.

I have sent an email enquiry to a firm of solicitors who specialise in medical litigation. Therefore, if anybody responds to my original thread, please confirm if you would be interested in joining a class action if one can be brought against Schering.

I’m sorry you’ve been diagnosed as having stage 3 and aggressive bc. Do you mean stage 3 or grade 3?
As a family planning nurse I can say I’ve not seen any proven link between mirena coils and bc. The way I understand it, the mirena gives out such small doses of progesterone, it tends to only act locally within the uterus and is not linked to bc.
What is your hormone status and your her2 status? That also has a bearing on how aggressive a bc is?
Hope all goes well with treatment.

I had a mirena fitted post diagnosis and am reasonaby happy with it - no more heavy periods and apparently it has a protective effect against uterine cancer which tamoxifen can cause

Hi Dippykate

I was stage 3 of 5, grade 3 of 3 and HER2 positive, so I’m on herceiptin at present. Fortunately, they got the cancer out during surgery (together with some lymph nodes) so all the chemo, radiotherapy etc since has been preventative.
It just seems very suggestive that BC seems almost epidemic at present and the fact that I have a friend in exactly the same position, I wondered whether there might be a link to the Mirena.


I had a mirena fitted 3 years before being diagnosed which I had removed 2½ years after diagnosis. I too would be interested in other peoples experiences.


Hi everyone,

I had a mirena fitted in 1998 and then another one in 2003. I was diagnosed in Dec 2006. Onc advised me to have it removed as although he said it released progesterone locally ‘you never know what’s happening with drugs and the body’. I had mine removed March 2007 and have gone onto the ordinary non-hormonal coil. At the time I did think it was a great contraceptive to use though!

Take care


If you go onto the website of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and search on Mirena, you can see what they say.

It is thought to be protective against endometrial problems caused by Tamoxifen, but they mention Canadian guidelines that talk about the unknown risk on recurrence in people who’ve had breast cancer, and the limited data available to suggest that it does not increase breast cancer risk in the general population.

The risk is “unknown” because no clinical trials have been done to specifically look at whether Mirena increases risk of recurrence in women who’ve had breast cancer.

Bottom line is that it’s Cat 3 UK Medical Eligibility for use in women who’ve had breast cancer - where theorectical or proven risks usually outweigh the advantages of using the method.

I keep an open mind as to whether it is implicated in causing breast cancer. I was diagnosed with BC within four months of having one (which I then had removed), but mine was not an aggressive cancer so it may have existed for a long time before I used Mirena.

I queried any possible connection between my Mirena coil and my DCIS (lumpectomy May 07 and masectomy Jan 08) and was told absolutely no link by GP.I had first Mirena for 4 years and second for 2, before having it removed because of my concerns in July 07. I had it removed so as to minimize all risk factors that I can think of, despite medical assurances of some protective advantages. I would be very interested to hear how widespread a possible connection is.

My sister in law had mirena coil fitted and found quite a big lump which thankfully turned out to be benign - she insisted on getting the coil removed and the lump has gone away gradually - may not be linked but as we all know these hormones can send our body a bit crazy. At her breast screening they did say that the lump may have been brought on by hormones but she felt that it was a risk she wasn’t preparedto take by keeping it in.


I don’t know what the link is (if any) but my onc told me to have mine removed. I am dreading it and have got in a supply of “night time” towels!


I had primary ER+ & HER2+ bc in 2004 and had my marina coil in July 2005 as tamoxifen gave me extremely heavy periods. My oncologist was happy for me to have it. I was dx with secondary bc in bones in Oct 07 and they seem happy for the coil to stay in for the meantime.

To be honest, I did not know there was any link to bc or increased risk of recurrance for those who had bc and feel a bit sick reading this so will keep coming back to read the other postings.

Angee x

I originally had breast cancer twenty years ago and had no recurrence until December 2007 - which was almost four years after my mirena coil was fitted. At the time the coil was fitted I did ask whether it could cause any problems given my history of breast cancer and was assured that it did not. So far nobody has suggested that I should have it removed but I will ceratinly ask at my next appointment.


Had Mairena coil fitted June 2003 and removed May 2007 because of bad Migrains, dx with bc November 2007, not sure if there is a link but there are lots of info out there on the side affects, would never have another one fitted, interested in what others have to say.


Mirena seems to be trotted out regularly to deal with heavy bleeding and I wonder whether surgical alternatives - like endometrial ablation (for those that have had/don’t want children) might actually be safer in relation to breast cancer risk - and less hassle.

Surgery to deal with gynae problems seems only to be used as a last resort now (perhaps due to cost), but I think modern techniques may make it much less unpleasant and debilitating than it used to be. GPs don’t seem to want to discuss surgical options, they just seem to want to write out prescriptions for hormones or other medication.

Forgot to say - just picking up on Angee’s point. I think there is quite a lot of uncertainty about Mirena, but I’m not aware that there’s any proof that it is implicated in new or recurring breast cancer so I hope you don’t feel too bad about what you’ve read.

Hi all
I have recently had WLE and SNB results next week. Also at same time due to continual post Men. bleeding (I am 48) had biopsy of endometrium and this was found to be ‘active’ initial recommendation was for Mirena coil to prevent uterine cancer in future but this was without the knowledge of the breast cancer so have been referred back to gynecology, appoinment to follow the results of BC biopsies!!! So I too am worried about the info. in this thread. Anyone else out there who has had/has similar?

I’m not aware of any trials that have found that Mirena prevents uterine cancer - a question for gynaecologists. The Eclipse Trial is currently looking at the clinical and cost effectiveness of Mirena ffor heavy menstrual bleeding compared with other treatments.

Recruitment started in 2004 with 5 year follow up. No mention of whether women who have had breast cancer are eligible for the trial or whether assessing breast cancer incidence in the study groups is going to be part of follow up.


I got “lumpy” breasts within a few months of using mirena, was fobbed off by GP and breast consultant that this was normal hormonal changes, then DX with BC a year later, grade 3 triple + with one node affected (2 mammograms missed it and I basically diagnosed myself , as I think most will agree, we know our own bodies best). I am very concerned that when I raised my concerns at first appointment only months into using it that medics dismissed my concerns of a connection to mirena without much consideration. A lesson learned I think and I now tell everyone I know to steer clear. My onc also agreed should be removed, which I did immediately after dx. I think our GPs and others are being very niave about this and I would welcome further research and participate in any combined action.