Marker removal during surgery

Did anyone who had a discussion with the surgeon, and/or a copy of the pathology report have anyone mention the marker was also removed with the tumour?
Or perhaps the marker was mentioned as being kept in your body and if so why?

I feeling a little concerned for you, last October I had a lumpectomy on the left side with a few problems.

However, when I attended a follow up my consultation was very concerned that she may not of removed the markers……I was very concerned too as she was and arranged for me to have MRI scan to confirm, this was my second cancer so I was fully aware with what should happen, the outcome was good and they had been removed in surgery. (she then told me she has now decided to take a photo on her phone and attach to the patient notes).

Wishing you well for a good outcome a very big hug from me to you.

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Hi Naturaljazz. I