mascectomy scar

I had a masectomy last December. The scar site is ugly. Loose flesh and bumpy. The onc asked me if I wanted it tidied up, not ready for tartng up yet in line with where my breast shoud be under aem nearly, I have a lot of flesh. It feels quite hot at times. Also rib area still tender after a year is this normal. Is the swelling lymphoedema. thansk Eileen

Hi eileen

You are welcome to contact our helpline and talk to one of our nurses if you feel it would help you. The helpline is on 0808 800 6000 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

Hi Eileen,

My mastectomy was Nov 06, followed by rads.
The top of my ribs are still very tender, perhaps a combo of rads and the hormone treatment I’m currently on.

Sorry to hear you are having problems Eileen and it definitely makes you feel worse if the area is lumpy and uncomfortable. I understand that some ladies on the site have had the area tidied up and feel satisfied by the result. Apparently it can be difficult to obtain a neat finish initially in breast surgery with the patient lying down.

I had a lumpectomy plus radiotherapy in 1990 and then a mastectomy in 2005. Fortunately the scar is quite neat but even after all this time, my rib area is still tender and no way could I wear an underwired bra. I currently use a pocketed bra with a prosthesis but wondered if ladies in this situation are able to use a stick on prothesis.

Hi Eileen

It might be an idea to have a word with your breast care nurse if you’re concerned that you may have lymphoedema - at least you can talk to them and they can either refer you to the lymphoedema nurse or allay your anxieties.

My original surgery was 12.5 years ago and it’s still tender - probably because there’s no muscle there!