masectomy and side rooms

hi i am going to have a mastectomy and reconstruction at same time scared so wondered what chances of getting a side room i wont to b alone i am in bedfordshire if anyone got advice id like to read it thanks

If your going into L & D they do have private rooms on the Cobham clinic but there is a charge. I would speak to your McMillan nurse. I also found when I went for my pre assessment check a few days before the operation the nurse spent time listening to my fears and tried all she could to make sure I was reassured. Sorry I can’t be more helpful but I was a day patient. Hope all goes well
Love Caz x x

hi caz
thanks for that but i heard hard to get one and you dont know till last minute if free. if you had treatment on ward what was it like my consultant is good and understands.x

hi caz what treatment did you have at l and d. was it ok. thanks

I had a WLE and I was lucky they were able to check my lymph nodes while under the anaesthetic, they looked clear but they took a few for the lab to test along with the lump. One week later I went back for my results and was told that they had successfully removed the lump and the tissue surrounding was clear. The cancer was a grade 2. I have rads starting in Nov and have been taking Tamoxifen for about 2wks now. So far so good.
When I had to have an operation at the L & D earlier in the year (not related) I had to stay overnight, I asked for a private room in the Cobham clinic and was told the same, they could not promise but would see what they could do. I did get the room and it was very nice. When I went for my pre assessment before this op I was seen by a delightful nurse called Di, although I was expected to be a day patient there was always the possibility that I may have to stay in so I asked if I could have a bed on the private ward again, Di could not give a definite answer but what she did say gave me the impression that they do everything they can for their bc patients. If you are going to the L & D try and speak with her she certainly re assured me.
I was only on a general ward for a few hrs before being sent home where I was seen every 2 days by the at home nursing team. All in all I have been very impressed by the care I have received.
I hope I haven’t waffled on too much. I wish you the best of luck.
Love Caz xx

Hi Jal7777

I had mastectomy and recon using back flap 4 weeks ago - I was in a side room for the week. I was in a hospital in the North of Scotland so demand is maybe less up here and I went into a ward on my last day as they were desperate for the side room for someone else. It was good being in the side room directly before and after the op but by the seventh day I was going stir crazy and it was good to be in the main ward where I got to natter to the other women.

Hope it all goes well for you.

Take care Love Lenise XXX

Hi Jal7777

When I went for my pre op assessment I told them that I was very concerned because I snore very loudly and didn’t want to disturb other patients.
Imagine my relief when I was given a side ward!!!

PS . I forgot to say that I really do snore and have had complaints from so called friends in the past. Having said that it is worth a shot even if you don’t snore.

If you do get a side room make sure you mix as much as possible with the other breast patients. I got up and got dressed everyday and mixed with the rest of the wards and went for a short walk outside a couple of times a day.

My stay in hospital was a lot of fun and we were able to give each other lots of support. I wasn’t ill after the first day and the pain killers were fine if you have friends to bring you red cross parcels that helps as well!!

thank you for your support and yes it will be l and d hospital although it is out of my area i have a good consultant that i trust so i am staying for rest of treatment. i am seeing breast nurse mon then mri tues and will go from there thanks again everyone have a good weekend.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi jal777

I stayed in the mens ward when I had my lumpectomy as the ladies surgical was full, when I had my masectomy I was on the ladies ward but the men walked through to the day room. I have to go in again in ten days for a grade three axillary clearance but all breast ops have been transferred to another small hospital which has mixed wards though they try to keep women at one end. Not looking forward to having men wandering round ward. All the best for the operation.


hi val i think thats a bit much men around when its so sensitive as beasts. dont get me wrong i am all for it generally as i hate qing id love mixed changing rooms in shops and even mixed los if not so smelly… good luck for your op what hosp do you go to…

Hi jal

I live in Cornwall so have to travel quite a distance to hospitals. I spent six weeks in hospital last year ( not for cancer) and spent a few days of that in a side room, did not like it as I dont have visitors as no family or friends nearby and it was very lonely. I had a good time when I had M as very nice ladies on ward and the nurses were great. Three of us were having the same rest were general surgery. They nearly all had dogs so had lots in common.


I would really love a side room when I go in on the 19th so I don’t *have* to natter to the other patients. I really like my own space and really hated it when I was sharing when I went in for a high temperature and they kept opening my curtains.

When I had the kids I paid to get a side room with bathroom (about 50 something a night) but can’t afford to do that this time. (Op will be at same Maternity hospital though)


hi mousy
i am exactly the same i am not a sociable person boring i know. i cant explain it and dont know why i am like it. i think i miss out alot but i cant change. i am 49 and now waiting for a mastectomy. money doesnt come into it as far as i can afford to pay for a room but not too go private. where abouts r u in country and what you having done on 19th. i wish you luck i am getting a phone call tomorrow with my date and i feel sick today. i am scared… a bit tearful etc…take care xxxxxxxjuliexxxxxx

Southampton, and I’ve opted for just the lumpectomy(+lymphs) since the chemo has apparently obliterated all traces of the lumps. I forgot to ask if it made a material difference to my recurrence odds (triple neg) but my feeling was I would go for the mastectomy next time (if there is a next time, perish the thought).

Hang in there. Try to keep busy with other things in the meantime.


hi mousy.
i have had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy. the lymph was clear but in safety area around lump found two more spots of cancer so now advised mastectomy and immidiate reconstruction i am waiting for phone call tomorrow. please can you explain what triple neg means for me as i am new i dont understand it all yet. thanks. hi just been and done a bit of xmas shopping. thats enough to stress anyone out.xxxxxxxxxxxxx take care.

Negative to both the hormonal tests plus the herceptin one.

Have you already had chemo or is that likely to be happening once you’ve had the next op? Or maybe you don’t have to have it because it was localised?


hi mousy.
as far as i know on boob that has to come off i dont need rad or chemo that’s y i can have recon straight away so i believe. the other one i have to wait for results of MRI to see if any cancer. but everything done as precaution so far has turned out for worse so although upsetting i am glad they have done it… i dont know any type neg or whatever. when do i get told this. all i was told was invasive ductal. perhaps were going to tell me but now found more its all on hold. i just dont know… i am tearful tonight just want tomorrow and results dates etc over with. what type of cancer have you hen and at what stage of treatment etc. thanks for replying so far it does help me x.

Perhaps they don’t have the results to hand yet. Sounds like yours was caught very early. My Mum had DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) and had partial mastectomy plus rads for that.

Mine was ductal, stage 3, lymph nodes assumed involved. Fortunately no secondaries. Was two lumps originally, biggest 5.2x4cm approx. Latest scan/mammogram nothing to be found, so heading off for breast conserving surgery next.


I thought all this testing with mamograms was supposed to b good but so many people nothing shows up. this has made me loose faith in them are they really trustworthy or do we just have to accept it. my results today. have a good weekend julie