Masectomy Bra Sizes

I am currently undergoing chemo and will be having the operation around Christmas (hopefully just after rather than just before if I get my way:smileylol:).  In the meantime, it occurred to me that maybe it would be good to have at least one post-operative bra available in advance and this is where I have run into a snag.


I am normally a 32G (not an easy size at the best of times).  Looking on-line masectomy bras just don’t come in this size.  I am right to assume that a masectomy bra would be  the same size as a pre-op bra?


Has anyone else had problems with bra sizes?


(PS absolutely zilch at M&S (they never fit anyway) and figleaves) 


I was given a bra to wear by the hospital so check with your breast care nurse.

Also there are companies that specialise in post mastectomy bras. If you search online for “mastectomy bras” you will find “Nicola Jane” and “Amoena” and there are others…

But best first point of call would be the breast nurse … They even gave me catalogues.

Good luck with your chemo x

I bought a couple of post surgery bras before my MX and reconstruction. They’re very similat to sports bras, front fastening with hooks and eyes. I know a lot of ladies just buy regular sports bras.


I’m now 12 weeks post op and although I have bought some non-wired mastectomy bras, they’re still not really very comfortable for more than a few hours and I tend to live in my post surgical ones unless I’m going out and wearing something that requires something a little less industrial looking underneath.


And yes… mastectomy bras are the same sizing as a regular bra .:slight_smile:

Thanks for replies. I hadn’t even realised that post-surgery bras were different to masectomy bras! I’d just thought of them both as post surgery so hadn’t appreciated the difference. So will focus on post surgery for now.

Mysticalmoo - have tried lots of googling, but getting nowhere. Had found Nicola Jane and Amoena but zilch in my size.

Mel66 - never had a sports bra, I did try a few years back, but could never find one to fit - things may have moved on now of course

Lolly73 - did you go up a cup size or band size or both?

Contact the bra clinic Susan COOPER, excellent afvice

The Glasgow unit recommend no under wiring/ usual size (worth checking your cup size as mine had changed since I last bought a bra)/ back fastening and using bra expanders - if you get several you can use several if necessary to start with, reducing as you progress.
I have found the 3 regular bras that I bought quite uncomfortable at times - have been told by some that nursing bras are good, other folk say the post-surgical/post-mastectomy bras are good.
After four and a half weeks of 24-hr bra wearing I am longing to sleep without it! I had a R Mastectomy with DIEP reconstruction on 3/9/14 and they have done a great job - looks fab - and relieved not to have to cope with the psychological impact of a missing boob. These past few weeks have been quite demanding - but well worth doing and certainly “do-able”. (Worst for me has been constipation - having extremely regular bowels all my life this has been a shock - get advice from nurses ASAP - and don’t be fobbed off with ‘drink more fluid’ or ‘walk around more’ - the anaesthetic and painkillers are the cause. Lactulose should help ensure softness and senna if necessary to assist movement have been the advice I have gleaned since…also regular prune juice or syrup of figs may be useful …). With all best wishes x

Hi Berkshire lass!
I had DH mx in July and sourced mastectomy bras from the Nicola Jane Website. She also,has a tool on the website for,working out what size bra you will need. As I was having double I got a smaller size instead of,38dd I got 36 d. In addition to the bra I ordered the softy inserts for the pockets . These are great as you can add the amount of stuffing you require and I have had to reduce it as I have had the tissue expanders inflated!

I ende up using a suppository!

Hi i read in the vita magazine the bcc publication that George at asda now do post surgery bras v good price and some good reviews seeming to come out. You could look there or I have worn crop top style but you need to lift arms for these.

Hope helps

Nicola Jane do a bra called Rhianna that comes in 32g xx

I like Nicola Jane t shirt bra, it allowed for swelling and slightly different sizes.