Masectomy & implant reconstruction

Due to have surgery on 7th, wondered if anyone on here has been through either the same or similar, masectomy & implant reconstruction? 

Off for my covid test tomorrow and then all in isolation untill morning of surgery. 

Need to sort my bag have been putting things in a pile making a start, as having reconstruction have said i prob be one of last to  go down for surgery so will be along day Fri. 

@mel1989  - I had a mastectomy plus implant reconstruction about 4.5 years ago. I’m very happy to answer any questions if I can, both now or after the operation.

I wish you all the very best for the operation and the quickest possible recovery - and of course I hope your Covid test is negative so you can go ahead and get it over with. Sending hugs too, Evie xx

@mel1989  I had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate implant recon last January, and like Evie, I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

For me, the op itself wasn’t too bad at all, but I’d already had a lumpectomy and reduction (I was ‘too large’ for implants at my original size) the previous year to compare it to. The main difference was needing drains, but they weren’t as bad as I feared - just a bit awkward to carry around, although they did give me cotton bags that went over the shoulders. I’d said I’d rather stay in hospital while the drains were needed, so I was in for 4 nights. Do be prepared to have to sleep on your back for quite a while afterwards.

I’m happy with the resulting look, especially dressed - my best mate has joked she won’t stand next to me in photos any more with my new perky look! It did take me a while to get used to how the implants aren’t, well, firm round globes? They are only mostly-full of liquid, and that does move about as I do, so lying down sees things shift a bit. It doesn’t hurt at all but I found this very weird to see for a while. I was offered lipofilling to help improve the overall look, so that might also be something you can consider down the line (mine was 9 month later), which has the added benefit of a little free liposuction from e.g. tummy or thighs

Very best of luck with the op, and do reach out if/when you need to xx

Hi Mel

Wishing you the best for the surgery and hope all goes well. I will be going in for the same in a couple of weeks mx plus implant.

keep us posted as to how you get on 

Take care xxx 


Hi ,

I went in for a mastectomy plus implant recon, and full lymph node removal 2 weeks ago. I had 2 drains in also ( which are now removed ) , and now just recovering . How are you holding up ? Any questions please ask

nickey xx