Massage after breast cancer

Having just read the BCC ‘Complementary Therapies’ booklet following my 6-month post surgery checkup - I was delighted to read on p.19 (para.3) that it is NOT TRUE that people who have had cancer should not have massage. A relaxing massage has always been a great pleasure and treat for me, but I had been told by two therapists that I could no longer have them.
I would like to spread the word so that all of us who have had breast cancer, and survived, are able to choose this form of relaxation therapy.
It may be that Breast Cancer Care, and other cancer charities, need to put this information out into the world. NB: BCC Press Office?
As a retired agony aunt on a national women’s weekly magazine I still have a few contacts and I will also ask my daughter, who is a consumer magazine journalist, to help. There must be a governing body or professional association for complementary therapists, so I will make an approach in that direction.
Best wishes to all

Hi Penelopeanne,
I couldn’t agree more - and there are loads of mentions on here of people being refused treatments including facials!!! I take a copy of that booklet with me when I go anywhere for treatments now and luckily nobody has refused me a treatment since. I always say I’m happy to sign a disclaimer too … I think they’re frightened of being sued if we had a recurrence!
I’ve had free reflexology all through treatment at my macmillan unit which has been great but was refused a treatment while I was on holiday??
Your idea about publicising this is a great one!
Take care

I was refused a maasage and facial at a spa. I had booked this as a treat between surgery and chemo and as you can probably imagine I was very upset. At my next hospital appointment I asked the doc to write me a letter to say it was ok and I take this with me when having any pampering. My hospital offer massage as part of their patient care so surely it must be ok. I think jackie is righr that they are so scared of being sued.

I asked my Lymphoedema therapist today about Massage, she said so long as they avoid my arm and shoulder it’s fine. So pleased as I love a body massage. Hope you all enjoy yours too x