Massage after mastectomy

I had a mastectomy 2 months ago for a second primary cancer in my left breast
SNB was clear and I am taking letrozole
Is there any contra indications for me to have a back and shoulder massage?
I think it would help with tension and for general relaxation?
Thanks Sue

Hi Sue,
I had a mastectomy in 2019 and have had regular back/shoulder massages since then with no issue. Some massage therapists are trained in oncology massage, but I’ve had both and not noticed any difference. It is great for relaxation and tension relief. Hope this helps.
Lisa x

Hi @Sue123 I was wondering that myself but i have decided to bite the bullet and have a massage on 21st of this month. All the best :+1:

Thanks for this Lisa, Im booked in for a massage next week
And reflexology too :grinning:
Hope you’re keeping well

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Thanks for your reply talawah, Im looking forward to my massage next week
Hope you enjoy yours
Best wishes Sue x


Hey Sue! So glad to hear you’re looking forward to your massage next week! It sounds like it’ll be a wonderful experience for you. Wishing you all the best for your session.

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Dear Sue,

Well done for getting this far with your treatment, also your positive outlook. I feel having a massage is an excellent Idea enjoy your pampering day.

Wishing you well going forward with lots of happiness.

Hugs, Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:


If you ever need more info or want to explore other massage options, you might want to check out Take care!