Massage after recon

Massage after recon

Massage after recon Hi. have had LD recon four months ago and one of my friends is an aromatherapy masseur. Anyone know if it is ok for me to have a massage now. i am guessing area around where my back muscle has gone should be treated gently and my arm on the side of op?


massage Hi,
I too had recon 4 months ago; a DIEP for me. As soon as possible I had massages, aromatherapy, reflexology, Reiki…anything to make my poor battered body feel pampered rather than beaten up!
I guess you might have to take advice if you’re still having rads or chemo, but otherwise I’d go for it, and enjoy!
x Helen

Massage- Cath, my op was a week or so after yours. I have been having massages since early november and it has definately contributed positively to the effects of physio and generally helped with movement. More care is taken with my arm on the affected side but my back is treated as normal. Enjoy!!

— I had LD op last May. Contracted infection in September and also secondary infection of fluid in a seroma I had in my back. I was due to start radiotherapy and due to not being able to lift my arm high enough was given physiotherapy. This consisted more of massage than exercises and was very beneficial. I now have hubby massaging me most nights and it’s bliss! It really helps loosen the ‘tightness’ of the skin.