Massage after sentinel node biopsy...

Hi All, 

I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy (2 removed for biopsy) in October last year (5 months ago). At the time I was advised not to have any form of massage for fear it could bring on lymphoedema. I now feel fully recovered, and my lovely Mum has offered to treat me to a spa day but I’m unsure as to whether I’m now allowed to have a back and shoulder massage?!..does anyone know if this should all be OK now? 

Many thanks 

 I was told to only go to a salon that has trained therapists for people who have lymph node removal.
The massage has to be gentle and the therapist should avoid the affected arm and underarm areas completely. Traditional massage therapy can worsen lymphedema but I did have 14 removed so may be different in your case.
I understand a lot of salons often refuse breast cancer treatment patients.
Maybe your breast care nurse might know of a therapist who can help.

Good luck if you do go ahead.
Poppy xx

Hi Rugbymum,

I also had a lumpectomy and sentinel nodes removal in November. 

I have had a few massages since then. The biggest issue is lying on my front but sorted that with cushions etc.

I’m also a therapist and own a salon. I feel for your own wellbeing and if you feel OK, go ahead and treat yourself to that lovely day from your mum. Cancer has already taken so much from you.

There is no proof for or against having massage and causing it to spread which is what people worry about. Being gentle around the affected area and working with each individual client is of upmost importance .

I happily treat cancer survivors, but I do make sure I get all relevant info from a thorough consultation. I am qualified in providing treatments to clients with cancer.

Hope this helps

Hi I recently had a massage at my local macmillan centre which is based in my hospital. They offer free complimentary therapies to people receiving cancer treatment. I have had a bi-lateral mastectomy and full node clearance on the left. The therapists complete a questionnaire with you and then adapt the massage to suit you. She did lightly touch under my armpits and along my arm even with a picc line in! She used aromatherapy oils and it was very relaxing.