massages ok ?

ladies, I am 3.5yrs clear and taking tamoxifen. I have had a mastectomy and full LD flap recon just over 2yrs ago. I have booked a spa day - I will have to declare my history - will I be able to have massages or will they not want to touch me ? does anyone know ?


Vez xxxx

Nothing better for you than a massage. I had one a week after my mastetcomy. It was wonderful.
I doubt if you will have to “delare” your medical history, but they may be interested and suggest something extra special for you. you deserve it.
Enjoy it anyway
Love Maria

Hi Vez,

I got bought a massage for my birthday and long story short beautician asked me for confirmation from my doctor that it is safe for them to do massage (she already knew about BC as she is friend of my mums). I have to say chickened out and swapped it for a manicure and pedicure so don’t know what doctor would have said.

Sorry feel like party pooper now but I really hope you have a great time.


Hi Vez, I had massages regularly throughout my chemo, Onc recommended them! Certainly helped me get through. He also gave me a letter that I took away with me to spa hotel at the end of treatment and they didn’t have an issue.

It will be lovely, enjoy!


Hi vezza

It might be worth just running it by your medical team or perhaps give the helpline a ring if you are at all concerned.

The helpline number is 0808 800 6000, they are open 9-2 tomorrow.

Kind regards.


ladies, thanks very much for your comments. I will contact my team to get a general letter to take just to be safe. dont want to be disappointed on the day.

thanks again,

Vez xxx

Hi everyone,
I have my chemo treatment at a North London Hospital and they have a Helen Rollason Centre which offers free alternative treatments including massages to all cancer patients who attend the hospital. The only criteria seems to be after lymph node removal they have to be careful in that particular area.

I regularly have a back massage and I am less than one year on from a double mx and left axillary clearance. I don’t know whether you had any lymph nodes removed? I presume as you’re having a spa day that you didn’t. If you did then you need to ensure that they don’t massage your arm, to near your armpit or near the mx site. Also not to use sauna, jacuzzi, steam rooms etc if you’ve had lymph nodes removed.

I think there are some practitioners who will opt not to do the massage mainly because they will worry about covering themselves. If you’ve had lymph nodes removed they may be particularly wary and some people think this is a problem and others don’t as long as nowhere near the arm and armpit. I have a bad shoulder and back problem and massage is the only thing that keeps my shoulder mobile.

It may be worth ringing the spa in advance and opting for something else perhaps a facial or something if it’s going to be a problem for them. You don’t want your day to be a stress and miss out on a treatment.

I go to someone who is a qualified masseur and does solely that including sports injuries etc. If you want a massage and can’t get one at the spa then I’d opt for someone like that.

Hope you have a great day!
Elinda x