Massaging After Radiotherapy for WLE

I read on a German website that if you massage what’s left of your boob after rads, that it will make it soft & feel ‘normal’ again. Mine felt a bit rubbery & not like part of me after. I asked the onc & she said “oh yes, definitely, we have some wonderful results when people do that”. Which kind of begs the question why it isn’t given out as standard post rads info. Anyway I thought I would share that with everyone in case you want to try it. I am 3 weeks post rads & it has returned my boob to it’s former feel. I know it sounds a bit weird, but definitely worth it. Problem is that, if you stop, goes back to rubberised version. It’s just a gentle circular motion, not hard, & sort of how you might rub in face cream. xx

Interesting, thanks Bibi. I had wondered about this too, it makes sense to give our boobs a little bit of TLC after everything they have been through. I will give it a go too.Did the German website give any helpful tips as to what to massage with? I’m thinking aloe vera gel, almond oil, bio oil etc might all work…? 

I’m using e45 as still moisturising with that post rads. I think anything will be fine. I suppose the rads keep working which is why I seem to need to carry on doing it. Nice not to have an alien in m’bra! xx