Mastecomy bra uncomfortable

Girls, i have bought two mastectomy bras after being measured properly and feel fine on my right side but dig in and leave a mark on the mastecomy left side. My body feels thicker that side which must be from op tissue I suppose. Wore a lazer cut bra yesterday from Gossard with no seams or edges which was better. Anyone got any ideas or similar problems ?

Vez xx

Hi Vez

I have the same problem, I have 5 Mast bras now varyng from Marks & Spencer, Amoena, ASDA! and Cham something - they are all very uncomfortable and I never even bother to wear them they are at the back of the drawer. I live in very cheap & basic Tesco sports bras, they are soft and and they don’t chaff me. In fact I shall continue to use these as I cannot get on with the awful prosthesis thingy! I had my op January this year and just cannot get on with the blinking thing - I am tempted to give it back to my BCN as I can’t bear the sight of it!

So I don’t know about bras, it’s a nightmare really.


i have got 1 of those bra extention thingies as i have a little swollen bit under my arm. this has stopped the bra marking me. i was fitted properly so really it shouldn’t be leaving a mark!!!

Errm, my charnos one was fitted in the local lingerie shop and cost £40 and it is the most uncomfortable bra of the lot! So much for professional fitting eh?


Has anyone in the North East had fittings at Sadie the Bra Lady? Im going tomorrow for my first mastectomy bra. Apparently they use their own measurement guide and use all brands.