mastectomy after care

I was told I would be having a lumpectomy today and then the day before yesterday was contacted by the hospital to go in for another biopsy. I have now been told the chances are it will be a mastectomy.
I have been told I will be in hospital 1/2 nights. Will I need someone with me the folloing week during the day?

I have to have lymph nodes removed as well. What is the most comfortable thing to wear after the op?

I had a masectomy about 10 days ago and was surprised how well I felt afterwards (relief mainly, the waiting to have it done was definitely the worst). I had very little pain afterwards, just took the painkillers they gave me and tried to rest as much as possible. I did have some help at home for the first few days, a week later I was driving and going about my daily business with the kids etc as normal.

I had my lypmh nodes taken out a month previously along with a lumpectomy (didn’t get clear margins) and did have more pain after this, and numbness in my arm for some time (even now, arm is stil a bit numb). Mind you, I did get an infection afterwards so this didn’t help my recovery. My advice is take it easy after the op and yes get some help for a few days if it’s on offer. Also do the exercises that the physio or nurse tell you to do as they really help. Emotionally it’s a bit step, but take things one day at a time and you’ll get there…as will I. Best of luck x

Thank you and will do. I stopped work today so have a week to worry!

Hi Lady G,
I had a mastectomy, axilary clearance and LD recon just under a year ago… I live alone and was fine. I was ‘one armed’ and needed to get someone to come to change beds and hoover for me (quelle hardship!) but otherwise I was able to fend for myself - and wanted to. Before I wnet in to have my surgery I put all the things I needed (eg crockery, a small saucepan etc) on the kitchen work surface as bending/stretching were out and made good use of food I’d frozen or ‘ready meals’ for a few weeks. I appreciate you may not live alone, from what you’ve said, but even so it may be helpful during the day when you are alone.

Clothes wise… loose, front fastening tops… zip up tops. You should be advised on appropriate bras/undies for your surgery

Hope all goes well for you

I got a load of vest tops with hidden support from Primark - perfect for slipping in the “comfie” breast shaped form that they give you in hospital. I am 4 weeks post surgery and wear a sports bra during the day and then the vest top during the night. You will need some help during the day but not 24/7


I had an mx with immediate implant reconstruction and was advised to wear support 24/7 for the first 6 weeks post-op. I opted for the Sloggi crop tops which are 100% cotton and very soft and comfy - ideal for wearing during rads too as they don’t rub and wash and dry in no time! They are about £10, but you need to buy a good couple of sizes larger than you normally buy. You don’t have to worry about cup sizes either.

Good luck

Mazzalou xxx