Mastectomy aged 48 on 7th may

Hi all

I have a 6cm grade 3 in my right breast. Nothing in lymph from biopsies…

Happy with the mastectomy issue: don’t dispute this; but there are genetic issues and BRCA tests may not be back before surgery. I’ve asked if the surgeon will do the double.

I have large breasts, and a degenerative back condition on the left side and I’m worried about additional stress on the left hand side of my back. My private spinal surgeon says he will “sort it”; but I don’t have another 8k; the nhs did not help me with my back; even though i have permanent nerve damage now. I paid for private surgery.

I also find it emotionally difficult having just one 36g breast and nothing… possibly an indent due to tumor size.

I called my beast care nurse weds. She promised to call back weds or Thursday… still waiting

Hi michelle1972,

I hope you had a lovely weekend, and hopefully someone will join the conversation soon. If you want to talk any worries through with one of our breast care nurses, you can call us on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm), or even email our team on

Sending you our best wishes :two_hearts: x

Hi Michelle1972,

How are you doing? Sorry you’ve not got the answers you seek from your medical team re the other side. I expect the medical team are trying to catch up after the impact of covid.

I primarily wanted to reply and send you a virtual hug. While I didn’t need a mastectomy, I ended up very lopsided, had a lot of shoulder/back pain, and eventually had 2 rounds of reduction on the large side to balance weight out a bit…the pain went, far more comfortable and made me feel much better too.

Given your back issues and the size difference between sides, if you asked for a mastectomy on the non-bc side I’d have thought the surgeon would be open to this? Perhaps give the nurse at Breast Care Now a quick ring (number top right hand side of screen) and see if they have any idea as to how hospitals tend to be responding to such requests at the current time?

I hope you get clarity soon. Have you left a message for the breast care nurse at the hospital to follow up? Usually there’s an answer phone you can get through to (well, at the hospital I went to). If/when you next see the breast care nurse it may also be worth asking if she has a work email address you could have (for future reference rather than the current issue).

Given time is so tight to 7 May, you could try contacting the hospitals patient advice and liaison service, if you google the hospital name with PALS you should be able to get all the contact info. They can help escalate an issue when something’s important or urgent so might be worth a shot? 

Sending you a gentle virtual hug

Seabreeze x