Mastectomy and DIEP rconstruction

Hello, I am due to have this procedure shortly and I would like to know from any one what to expect - pain, catheter, drains - anything really. How long the operation takes, recovery etc. any information would be great so the prospect does not seem so daunting. Thanks.

Yes, I am also having a mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction on 18/1/15 having waited since diagnosis on 12/12/14 all the time feeling really nervous so any info would be great!

Hi everyone ! Just had diagnosis of dcis in one breast,and as area is large (4cm).mastectomy is recommended. Cells also high risk. Keep thinking I have coped and made the decision to have a reconstruction then worrying about the fact that I am 70 and is this the correct thing to do ! Six hours surgery maybe too much and any idea of recovery time .inclined just to leave it and wait and see ! Help you friends out there. 

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Hi Emma lou I am 3 weeks post mx/diep.I would imagine you are home now and feeling pretty tender and tight on the tummy front. I found first few days hard at home and extremely tiring and frustrating but it gets better I asure you.Just take things at your pace no rewards for overdoing it! build yourself up slowly. I know in the first couple of weeks I wonder had I done the right thing but now the healing is going well and I can stand up straight I am happy with the decision to have diep. Just be kind to yourself x

I have just been for my wounds check up at plastics dept today I am now basically just at the scars stage of healing now all bar one area which still has healing to do on my breast. So for five more weeks I am having steri strips around the wounds which helps to flatten the scarring. The bobbly bits at each end of the tummy wound are beginning to flatten by having the steri strips so if yours is the same it will get better xx