Mastectomy and lymph node clearance

I found out today the date for my surgery and wondered if anyone had any good advice tips for after surgery

@Shep45   - So when IS your surgery date? You didn’t say?

Have you been told how long you’ll be in hospital - a day, overnight, or longer stay?? 

Wear button up PJ’s for when you have to have your surgery area “viewed”/checked. Do your exercises RELIGIOUSLY and MORE often than they tell you to. Take your painkillers, especially at night before BED, even if you aren’t feelin any pain at the time.

I had both Masts and full node clearances, a year apart, so have an idea how you must be feeling right now, darlin girl.

Pleease DO Keep asking away to the Forum.

Lotsa love to you. Delly  XX 

I had my single mastectomy and sentinel node biopsy on 28th March. Was in and out same day. 1 drain (you may have more seeing as you are having full node clear out) 

advice - listen to the BCN team when tu go in before the pre-op they give you TONS of advice, when you get home take it easy and do your exercises. Be careful of the drains. Mine got caught on my mobile and fell out after 2 days. I’m now sloshing around with all the fluid in the cavity, they only syringe it out if it gets painful 
After a few days the numbness starts wearing off and the nerve endings start tingling that’s the hard part but with paracetamol and a hot water bottle (or cold) it’s fine. 
Good luck with it xx