Mastectomy as opposed to radiotherapy

Hi, approx 8 years ago i had silicone breast implants for cosmetic  reasons. Last August I was diagnosed with BC which was 1.8mm grade 2 invasive HER2 and oestrogen positive. I underwent a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy which was clear. I will complete my chemo in approx a month and the standard follow up would be radiotherapy. However I am considering a skin saving mastectomy and implant for 2 main reasons: 1. I want to avoid undergoing radiotherapy and experience capsular contraction only then to have implant replaced after skin damaged.  2. I have always felt since diagnosis that I would feel less worried about  local recurrence with a mastectomy. Has anybody else faced similar situation who could offer me advice? Both the oncologist and surgeon are in agreement that I could choose mastectomy so it is my decision. 



I’m sorry I can’t help you with your dilemma, Hopefully other members will be able to comment from experience but I started the whole thing with a mastectomy and full axillary clearance. I was heavily node-positive and there was no choice. A full, fixed menu of treatments followed.


What I wanted to say (and I apologise if it muddies the waters further), is that my oncologist told me that the evidence for the success of radiotherapy is “compelling.” He didn’t feel the same about chemotherapy which I was, at the time, really struggling with!! Consequently I looked forward to radiotherapy as almost a necessity in helping ensure there is no recurrence. I was also told that, even with a mastectomy, a local recurrence could occur and to be vigilant with my scars. So it looks like there are no guarantees, whatever the course of action.


Perhaps you’ve already asked for the comparative prognoses of your options - sometimes we’re just told it’s our choice - but it’s worth considering how big a difference radiotherapy would make. It might be negligible but it might be “compelling.”  Good luck x