Mastectomy & Axillary Node Clearance Scar Tight

Hello, I had my MX & ANC op 3 weeks ago today, the scar has gone extremely tight, is this normal? Thanks in advance x

Hi Mrs Rims, sorry you find yourself on this forum but welcome! I had my first surgery 3 years ago (tomorrow!) so I must admit my memory is a bit faded but I wanted to respond to you whilst you wait for a reply from someone with a better memory than me!

However, I do remember my scars, arm and shoulder being very tight and can’t tell you enough how important it is to do the exercises they’ve given you.

Hopefully you’ve also been given information about massaging your scars - if not give the nurses a call and ask them. Surgeons differ with advice when to start massaging so I wouldn’t want to give you the wrong info. But massaging will help if your scar feels tethered to the tissues underneath.

Another thing which is quite common is cording, which looks like a prominent sinew or cord running down the inside of your arm from your armpit. You will probably need a physiotherapist or nurse to show you how to deal with that if it is the case.

Hope you get some relief from the discomfort soon.


Hi mrsrims - I had mx and anc back in May and the skin is still quite tight - but not as tight as it was immediately afterwards. Riversidedawn is right to advise you to keep up with the exercises and to speak to someone about massaging and moisturising. Any worries call the helpline on here, your BCN or consultant. Happy to answer any other questions if I can.

Evie x

Thank you for your reply ladies, I have another physio appoitnment next week & she advised she would show me some massage techniques. Thanks again x