Mastectomy bra 30G

Hi everyone,

I’m 3 weeks down the line following a mastectomy and am delighted to say that the only thing I’m struggling with is bra comfort.   It has proved impossible to find a suitable mastectomy bra in a 30g (Maisie is the only one that seems to exist which I bought online and have had to return as it comes up so high in my armpits and chafes like there’s no tomorrow).  I’ve tried some bras in a 32F but these are too loose in the band and I’ve returned them too.  I’ve tried taking out the underwiring of some of my existing bras but they seem to lose all integrity and don’t give my enormomonoboob enough support.  I do have existing sports bras and although these are fine, I’m not comfortable wearing them all day as it feels like I’m wearing armour and again, they are bothering my underarm area following lymph removal. I’m afraid I’m too heavily endowed to go braless!

Does anyone have any advice for small band, large cup size comfortable bras that I could pocket myself?  I’m self isolating, so am limited to buying online at the moment.

I’ve sent emails to all of the mastectomy specialists and they haven’t come up with anything other than having something custom made which is unfortunately beyond my budget.

Thank you in advance of any advice!


Marks and Spencer’s do good quality post op bras very reasonable . Trouble is you need to be measured for a good fit.  I’ve found their fitters super helpful and kind. Also, the vat is taken off at the till so saves all the silly nonsense of claiming it back.

In this current climate though I think you will be struggling until you feel safe enough and brave enough to get it done. X


I am a 30E and have also struggled. I have been looking in prep for my op and have come across a website called They aren’t silly prices and you may find something?