Mastectomy Bras


This is amessage for Mummyv and anyone else out there about mastectomy bras, I just googles mastectomy bras and its come up with loads of stuff- you should really check it out as I didnt look into it too much as dunno wot you want? I guess Im lucky in a way as when I have my mastectomy I will be having reconstruction as well- Im scared wot its gonna look like but trying to be positive as well ( as maybe it will be so swollen it will be bigger than I expect)

Oh god?


I hadnt thought to google it. Wow L there are loads out there. Going to look in Asda tomorrow too.
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I bought a couple of bra’s from M & S 1 was a masectomy bra for £20 and they deduct VAT and 1 not but recommended by the bra fitter, I have not worn either yet as I tried to 1 week after my op and don’t feel too comfortable. I have typed in masectomy bra on Ebay and there are a few on site but not many sizes. The hospital also gave me some other leaflets but it depends on your budget and they can get quite costly. I don’t think Asda seel the bra’s but if they did they would be cheaper than M & S

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I can recommend john lewis they were very good with me and the bras were really nice .Also because i got fitted there they gave me one for free .I also agree with lolou google it .
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I found the problem with the mastectomy folk, i.e. Amoena, Nicola Jane, Eloise etc. is that they do not do enough of a size range. I am a 32DD and have found it almost impossible to find any sort of selection in that size.

I managed to get a couple at M&S, but nothing in black. Both are underwired, and the underwiring is very squeaky indeed!

You’d think that these so called specialist retailers would do something about these problems (I emailed one, but never got a reply). It’s bad enough having to cope with the emotional side of mastectomy without having problems with bra sizing and noisy wires!!!

just want to let you all know that there is a new brand in paris that has just started up, they produce only mastectomy bras…the range is quite small at the moment and on the expensive side but i think they are doing some nice things…but its definitely something to keep an eye on…dont think they have an english version of the site yet but i do know that they will post products to the UK…the brand is called oemee and you can find it at…only internet sales for the moment

Just thought I would mention, I was browsing on the ‘next’ sales web site, and guess what, the first bra was a mastectomy one, even they are doing them now. Unfortunately they didn’t have my size in the sale, so don’t know about fit etc.

But it worth keeping an eye on. There must be an awful lot of us out there for so many companies to get involved!