Mastectomy Bras....

To all out there who have had a Mastectomy!

I had a Mastectomy two weeks ago! All my bras are underwired so not suitable. I have hunted high and low for a well fitted bra to accomodate for me and my softee…I did not realise how hard the task was. I went everywhere, measured by several so called fitters and everytime came away with different size and no Bra.
I ranged from a 36 to a 46 to a DD to an F. So you can imagine how disheartened I was getting as the only bra I had was an ill fitted tight hospital support bra which I hate.

Then My sisters friend new of a company that have just started up! The three ladies that run it are all expereinced and have had mastectomys themselves and came across the same hurdles as me - hence they started there on company!

I visited them today, I was made to feel very welcome, coffee, chat as I was really fed up. They then measured me up and brought various stock with various designs and wow was I impressed! The bras had left & right pockets (so no hidden charges) They were feminine and most important FITTED Comfortably!
I was measeured as a 42 E! I came away relaxed chuffed and for the first time since the op felt a little normal!

Sorry for rabbiting I will now tell you the Company and all the details are on this website! Good luck and I hope that you feel the way I did when I walked away

PS they do do mail order!

PSS Are you all aware that you should not be paying VAT on your mastectomy bras! At least Mr Brown did something right!

Thanks girls and I hope that you are still awake

Hi Mel,

This is my first time using this forum. I had my mastectomy a year ago and have really struggled to buy nice bras in big cup sizes. I am glad to know I am not alone. I have gone back to wearing a rather ugly non mastectomy bra which is not doing much for my self esteem! I am hoping the site you recommended also does nice swimwear as I am finding it a real challenge to find a costume which is both supportive and will accomodate my rather large prosthesis. I hope you are healing nicely and I really recommend keeping that shoulder moving. i had to have some extra physio for my shoulder as I was a bit naughty not doing all my exercises!

best wishes caro


Yes They did some nice swimwear!

Give them a bell as I dont think tey have there site fully up and running. I thought that if I provide the website which has all the contact numbers then I wont getin trouble!

They are based in Willenhall, West Midlands, but I am sure they do mail order! perhaps a catologe?


Do they do AA’s? I use ordinary bras and hope my prosthesis doesn’t fall out as there is so little choice in mastectomy AA’s - as usual the manufacturers assume that we will be happy with T shirt bras, and only make the pretty ones in bigger sizes. It’s the same everywhere I’ve looked.

Yes I think they do as one of the proprieters is small!!

Hi, Ladies

Like you, I’ve had great difficulty finding comfortable bras as I’m a large size - 44F. I’ve been measured as 38D, 40C etc etc. I’ve sat in fitting rooms and buzzed for assistance, only to be brought more ill-fitting and uncomfortable bras. Then the hot sweats have kicked in, then the tiredness, then the tears, then the getting dressed, only to come out with nothing and facing driving home again, wondering how on earth I’m going to drive home.

For those of us who live in and around Cheshire/Manchester, there’s a fabulous shop opened in Altrincham, and one of the partners has had a mastectomy. I haven’t been yet but will do soon. I won’t buy bras off the internet because I need to try them on. The thought of getting them through the post then having to repack them and go to the Post Office, what with all the queuing, is beyond me at the moment. The shop’s website is:

Good luck to us all.