Mastectomy Bra's

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Hi. My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer late last year and has had a mastectomy and currently going through chemo. She finds it very had to talk about it and is finding it very hard to find somewhere to get some good, pretty mastectomy bras from. We have tried M&S but I was wondering if anyone can help us with any shops in GLASGOW which sell them.

i tried john lewis they said they would insert a pocket into any bra i chose free of charge.

you can buy online but it is quite expensive

Try Debenhams, as Royce Lingerie, post surgery ranges are being stocked there, Also, there are several specialists (that you can find their brochures in the Breast Clinics, or Breast Nurses area, and they are Womanzone, and Eloise, Amoena, Nicola Jane, Betty and Belle.
They all do post surgery bras, and have pocketed services, they also do swimwear, and nice summer tops that are supportive or pocketed for prosthesis wearer.

As you may or may not know, (or read previous posts on post surgery bras), I have been helping a lot of the companies trial wear and test their lingerie for wearing with prosthesis, (I wear two breast prosthesis), and work with their design team, to get the lingerie more feminine and colourful, as we are fed up wearing neutral colours in all styles, when it is fine have one or two styles in neutrals, but not every style in neutral when the tops or dresses are coloured. As well as getting matching sets which is great too.

any problems you have on getting lingerie, send me a Private Message (just type my name on here in the box next to Send a private message to), and I will help you as much as I can to get the lingerie you need and want, I have been doing my research and homework for over 10 years now, so I have a lot of information.

thanks and hope this helps or I can help you too.

there are a couple of threads on here… one of which i started!! but it has been a month or so since it was posted on, but people came up with brill ideas… i’ll try and fine it

you mum will be fine…it’s just a bit of time.

Hi i have bumped the thread up - while i started it in some minor snit because most places stop stocking bras at 36DD , i hope this may help your mum.

Puppy- if it’s not too personal to ask - are u a small/medium/large bra wearer?

hmm maybe i should PM u? whatever - i am v pleased that you do roadtest underwear - it can only help. good for you

Hi rjenr2,

I am a 32DD or 30E depending on style of bra, and as you can imagine, very limited stock for small back large cup sizes… especially wearing two prosthesis, and the limited stock on pocketed bras or full cup bras that cover the prosthesis if they are stuck to the skin.

Hence why I started my research and contacting companies that do post surgery bras, for all sizes, and not just stereotype sizes, that they think we need, as having any surgery doesnt just target the stereotype size ranges, but all sizes. So this is why I started my campaign for better lingerie for all sizes and styles, so that we have a wide choice post surgery as we had prior to surgery.

Companies are starting to listen although it is taking its time, but at least it is moving in the right direction, and not backwards or stop.

and as I say, anything you need to know, well chances are I have the answer or at least been asked it before and have suggestions.

So far I have treated myself to proper bras from Ameona and others but they are very expensive. Have heard on here that Asda sell them for £8 I think, so went into mine (Carlisle) today and couldn’t find them so asked assistant. They didn’t have any but she is trying to get me some from another branch. She was apologetic, but I have to say it’s a good job I’ve got a thick skin. She then went to the counter and loudly anounced to her co-workers and anyone else in ear shot what she was doing for me!!! She then asked me to spell mastectomy for her! Talk about tactless. Her friends agreed that they couldn’t spell it either!

Debenhams are specially trained and sensitive staff. John Lewis sound good too. If you do buy a normal bra to add a pocket to, make sure it doesn’t plunge too much in middle as prothesis may not fit. I am going to have a go at ajusting my own from now on. I believe old t-shirt material works well, or you can buy pockets to use.

Happy shopping.


hi there
depending on what kind of bras, you want,. you can get a basic sports like type from asda with pockets for about £6 and they even go up to E cups.
nothing sexy in this range only practical.
hope some may find these type useful

Next directory do a mastectomy bra- think it’s £16. I got one of them from Ebay, brand new, for £2.49 including postage. I’ve also managed to buy a Royce bra on Ebay for £5.