Mastectomy- feeling the cold

i had a bi-lateral mastectomy going on three years ago. Ever since then I really feel the cold. I always used to be the last person in the house to put the heating on and the first to turn it off. Now, as well as having the heating on I sit huddled under shawls whilst everyone else is slowly discarding their jumpers. Then guess what? I have a hot flush.

has anyone elsesuffered more from the cold after their op?

Hi janail,
I have not had a mx, but I am feeling the cold terribly. I have been like this since about 3/4 months prior to my diagnosis, I kept saying I was freezing all the time, I know it’s normal at this time of year to feel cold but I wear t.shirt,polo neck, thick cardi and body warmer, thin leggings thick socks up to the knee and trousers. This is at home with the heating on!! I also have a hot water bottle.
I did ask at the docs, I lost around 1 and half stone prior to diagnosis , I was told it was cause I had lost fat cells thats why I was cold (now I am just a normal weight). I have put most of the weight back on again and I’m still freezing. Like you the only time I’m warm is when I’m having a hot flush. I asked another time different doc and he said well some people are just cold, making me feel a bit stupid! There is a difference between sitting with lots of clothes etc on and normal coldness. I don’t feel it’s normal to be this cold, sorry for the rant but it really gets on my nerves!
Have you asked anyone about it? xx

No, I haven’t asked anyone about it, mainly cause I feel a bit daft.
I’ve never been a ‘cold’ person until after my mastectomies and, like you said, it’s not a normal cold. We’ve heating on at the minute but I have on a thermal vest, thermal leggings,thick trousers, long sleeve teeshirt, short sleeve teeshirt, thick jumper,
body warmer, wool cape, thick socks, and neck warmer that i sometimes pull up to cover my head. I can hardly move. I’ll go to bed tonight though with the window open as it seems to be a never ending round of hot flushes.

hI janail i too had bilatral mx back in sept and am finding i get realy cold i also now wear vest tops and scarves around my neck ,also like you just sort the cold out and wham im boiling hot so everything comes off again .
But unlike you im going through chemo was wondering if your on any tablets ?? josie1

janail, snap I look around 20 stone because of all the layers, skinny looking on the bottom half but huge top half!! I’m on tamoxifen but this started before diagnosis. Saddened but glad to hear it’s not just me. xx


I’m on Anastrazole. I did wonder if it was anything to do with that.