Mastectomy for Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer

Thought I would post on here as I have now got my treatment starting with a left mastectomy next Friday. I was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast ca in mid June. Initially, after mammogram, ultrasound and biopsies I was told the cancer was small 2.8cm. However after the mri it flagged up as being 6cm. Because of this I had further biopsies and a marker inserted, a mammogram and a CT scan. The ct scan picked up the 6cm but the further biopsies didn’t. I would love to hear from anyone else had this scenario? 


I’m having a mastectomy with delayed reconstruction next Friday , I’m petrified, but wondering if I will have any further treatment such as radiotherapy after surgery. It has been suggested I might have to have it. I have to say I am relieved  my treatment is starting 

Hi Sunflower14 - first of all a big hug ?. It’s such a shock when you get diagnosed and then quickly climb onto the treadmill of treatment without having a chance to even think. I didn’t have the same scenario as you but I did have a mastectomy, so if I can help with any questions please do ask. I also had radiotherapy. 

Hugs, Evie xx

It’s a horrid place to be in, Sunflower, but it’s all beginning now and all you can do really is trust them and go with the flow. Treatment plans vary from person to person. Sometimes a shared diagnosis leads to different treatments because of a range of factors. What I have in common with you is mammogram and ultrasound not picking up on anything but, for me,  biopsies providing the diagnosis. In fact, I was discussing this with my GP today and she said how surprised she’d been as my initial symptoms weren’t those typical of what she’d expect of breast cancer and both she and my consultant initially believed there was nothing really amiss but it was worth checking. Once cancer was diagnosed, I was told I could have a partial mastectomy and radiotherapy or a full mastectomy and straight to hormone therapy. If only the option menu had stayed like that but week after week it got worse till chemotherapy was considered essential, along with “everything we can throw at it.” However, better to be found and dealt with properly than overlooked, even if it is emotionally confusing.


You may find your reconstruction is being delayed because they anticipate you may need radiotherapy. However, they will have a much clearer idea after testing what’s removed in surgery, particularly if there’s any spread to the lymph nodes when chemotherapy will become first priority.


It is terrifying and everyone here will know more or less what you’re feeling. But we get through it, in my case by opting for virtual ignorance - just get on with it. Just don’t google. Too much information without professional explanations can be very alarming and perpetuate the fear. I’d suggest talking to the BC nurses here - they are so understanding and may help you understand things better at this early stage. You may of course already have been assigned a Breast Care nurse so use her. I felt pretty ill-informed once I was home after surgery (but that was partly my fault as I insisted on being discharged the same day) and struggled a bit with the drain but, with some very comical moments, my husband and I found solutions. I hope everything goes smoothly on Friday for you - and do those exercises! Good luck,


Jan x