mastectomy in 10 days and I cant find a post op bra big enough! help?

Hello all


Just been diagnosed and have surgery date scheduled for the 14th of December for a mastectomy of my left breast. I have quite large breasts. 36HH. And I cant find a front fastening pre op bra big enough anywhere :confused:


Can anyone help? recommend any brands that go up to a HH cup pls? Rather desperate to find and order asap!

I am having reconstruction after chemo with a breast reduction on the right boob (silver linings…) 


Sure I cant be the only big boobed girl having breast cancer? what do you do?

Thank you so much



Have you tried Nicola Jane website they do mastectomy bras and I think go up to quite large cup sizes, hope all goes ok with the op.  Keep strong xx

Hi are you sure you want to spend big money on a bra it will be uncomfortable whilst you’re healing, why don’t you buy a Belvia stretchy bra top, it gives really good support and are not too expensive.


I had a double mastectomy in Sept with immediate reconstruction, I was 34g and always worn very structured bras. I know its not the same scenario as yourself but it may help.


Try one before your surgery you might be surprised how comfy it feels. Best of luck for your surgery, Suzie x

I used to have big boobs and found Macom-medical .com bras very good they go up to an HH.

They are pricey but I guess you get what you pay for.

I had a mastectomy prior to chemo, then a reconstruction, then reduction of remaining boob this bra was really good as it gave firm support of both breast even though at various times they were different cup sizes - at one point I was gg one side and b on the other - the b side needing firm support which I thought was going to be impossible until I found these bras.

good luck, hope everything goes well for you