Mastectomy Lingerie

Hi, I am in my 30’s and had a mastectomy last year of which I went through the feelings of looking like a freak what with one boob and no hair due to chemo. I am through the other end now and now feel like a normal woman again but I can not find any nice mastectomy underwear that can help me feel sexy again.

Does any body know somewhere. I would also like to be able to wear like basques or something like that.

Has anyone used a normal bra and had a pocket sown in? I have never wanted to do this as I don’t think the bra cup will cover my prosthesis.

I am getting frustrated because I just get the feeling that I have to stop being a woman because I have had a mastectomy.

Hi sara got some nice bras in tyrers nice lacy ones you dont have to have post surgery bras u can select from others as long as they have a full cup i take my bras to burley breast at the hospital and they get pockets sewn in for you hope this helps

I have ordered from Amoena, also! X

Hi Sara
Aboutthegirl’ is an online store with nice ‘young’ undies. Im a size 9 prosthesis and have had pockets sewn into a couple of bras with ok results. Your hospital should be able to help with that.
Cathie xx

I have ordered some nice bras from amoena and they are very sexy the Naomi one is very feminine.

so know how you feel .im fed up of searching for decent mastectomy wear ,ive found a fab company called pink ribbon ,they advertise on facebook as well and their bras and knickers are lovely and feminine .also about the girl has some pretty ones too ,but my beef is why are they always so expensive justr because they have a pocket in them ,cant use much more material than the padded ones surely?? ! hope this helps .by the way im no spring chicken (60) but still love nice undies to wear .xx

Thank you so much guys I shall have a good shop now. Thank you xx

I have seen some attractive styles with Amoena (I want sensible seam-free options, I’m afraid!!!) but they are expensive!
Indeed too expensive!

However, if you find a full cup bra that covers your prosthesis you can ask your BCN to send it off to be pocketed.
I think there is a quota of two or three pockets free per year or two years. Sorry I’m not too sure about facts!
I’ve only had swimsuits pocketed so far. It was achieved within days!

I’ve sent off for Amoena catalogues for mastectomy bras. I did try M&S style all lacey and gorgeous for special occasions but the pocket was all wrong and it just feels too uncomfortable. But, they are considerably cheaper…
So I’m sticking with Amoena because they are so comfortable…


I totally agree that companies do exploit us ladies that have had a mastectomy and think that one you have had your boob/s off you are no longer a woman, I scoured the internet for hours looking for inexpensive bras and didnt come up with anything, the asda ones look like something my granny would wear, I got a brochure from my bcn for amoena and although they are expensive they are very good quality and I am sure that they will last me until I decide to have my recon done (whenever that will be) after my chemo sessions which I havent started yet.

Debs x

Hi there

Have a look here… I was diagnosed 5 years ago and find the things lovely.

Best wishes, Caz xxx

I would seriously consider going to an anita centre of excellence for a quality fitting, once you have been fitted you can order online or go to one of their outlets. I run a cancer centre, their service is second to none, a perfectly fitted bra is absolutely priceless, you must get fitted properly before ordering online. Good luck !!

Sharon x

Caz - saw your link and wanted to add that I have just received two bras and a tankini through from nicolajane. The tankini was in the sale, and has saved me a fortune (not sure I could ever have justified spending £70+ on a swimming cossie!!), and all items are beautifully made, fit brilliantly, and worth every penny. I even got a swimming prosthesis, just a little foam insert, for less than a tenner. Got to be worth it, if only to feel less self conscious on the beach… (we will get to go on holiday, we will, we will…)

I ordered online on Saturday evening, and all arrived this morning (tuesday) - I would really recommend them to anyone looking for mx lingerie.

Sophie xx

…if you’re near a Maggie’s Centre (google) they do Lingerie Evenings (must be more fun than Tupperware parties) - just booked in for their Feb one, Barbara

Hi, Wendy. I was going to start a new thread as I will need a swimming cossie soon. I will try nicolajane. thanks


Have had a visit to Bravissimo this week, prosthesis fitter recommended, and was a bravissimo girl pre op,have. Been fitted with2lovely bras that fit well and hold both me and the wobbly secure, I’m told I can have 6 bras a year pocketed but seem very comfy without. It feels soooooo good to have nice undies feeling quite my old self.

Might be worth looking at Marks and Spencer post surgery collection. It seems to change frequently so don’t know what is in store at the moment. I buy one of the un-wired lacey bras which do come in some nice colours but these aslo change frequently so you have to be quick. Last one is a lovely peacok blue and was able to get knickers to match . My gripe is that the skin tone bras do not come in big enough cup sizes. Marli

Hi Marli
Might be worth trying, I’ve got a couple of very pretty bras in skin tones from there and they go up to very large sizes is some styles. Not cheap though. John Lewis stock a very limited range of their designs.
Sarah x

Hi Sara1971,

I just wanted to make a quick comment to help answer your query. I set up Pink Ribbon Lingerie because my mum couldn’t find matching pretty lingerie that didnt cost a small fortune.

I have not come across any brands that sell mastectomy basques. There are one or two US brands that sell strapless mastectomy bras, but they are only available in limted sizes.

Have you tried a multiway bra? as these can be worn as a halter neck or cross over and come with clear straps.

As the others have mentioned there are a few brands out there specalise in Mastectomy products. I hope I have been of help, and that you can find or have found something suitable.

I also wanted answer Aroma’s comment…
‘but my beef is why are they always so expensive justr because they have a pocket in them ,cant use much more material than the padded ones surely??’

A good mastectomy bra is made totally different from a non-mastectomy bra especally if it is wire-free. It should have

  • more support at the side and underneath the cups.
  • the material at the sides under the arm should be wider as this will cover scars and you may have more fluid under the arm if your lymph nodes have been removed the wider band will help to stop or reduce any rubbing that this could cause.
  • the straps may also be wide to give you more support.

They are expensive :frowning: and I am still shocked at the prices of some of the products on the market. (I have done lots of research)I think it all stems from the US. In America the cost of your mastectomy bra can be covered by your insurance, so the brands set the prices!!! And other brands keep inline with each other. This also explains why there are not many pretty matchng sets out their are the US insurance companies don’t cover the cost of the matching briefs, many US cusotmer dont purchase them, so the US companies don’t make many matching briefs (its a catch 22).


Thanks for your explanation on the cost of bras now that you have explained it, it does make sense, do you have a website that I can go and have a look at?


Bountiful Bosoms breastforms are not sticky backed and don’t need a pocket in your bra, the nature of the prosthetic grade silicon means they stay where you put them against your chest providing they’re inside a normal full cup bra