Mastectomy, Lymph Noodles Removal and DIEP Surgery Recovery Tips

Hello there…… I am going to have my Mastectomy, Lymph Nodes removed and Diep on the 19th!


I am still at the stage where I am feel I am having the scans and hospital appointments for somebody else. I’m only 43, happily married with a 12 year old son…I love my life and am so grateful that for me an operation, possibly chemo, radiotherapy and tablets for the next ten years are even able to be offered! 


I know that I will be in hospital for 4 nights minimum and I am really lucky my hubby can visit me each day so could bring me anything I need but I really need to have a bit of control over my life and want to have my hospital bag filled with things I might need………is there anything that you bought that you found invaluable in hospital and have you any tips to help me not be a diva when I come home to recover :slight_smile:


Much hope to us all xxxxx


Sorry I meant Lymph Nodes not noodles and don’t know how to correct this x

Hi, firstly I want to wish you very good wishes for your operation on the 19th. Like you, I feel very fortunate to be offered surgery and immediate reconstruction. Mine was 2.5 weeks ago, with an implant, rather than diep. The main thing to to take a dressing gown with pockets, as you will have drains in and it’s easier to go to the bathroom with them in pockets. All pj’s or nighties need to be button through as you won’t be able to move your arms very much. Post surgical bra to assist with support and healing. Remember to take phone/tablet charger and headphones. Magazines, or books or anything you like to do to pass time as you will be resting a lot and won’t have much energy for quite a while. The operation is a major one, so you will have to rely on your partner, family & friends for some weeks. Try not to feel bad about that, it’s just the way it is. Be kind to yourself and take all the advice your surgeon & breast care nurse give you. There is a lot of support on here as well. Good luck.