Mastectomy - Melt Down

I am booked to have a mastectomy. Total meltdown. I don’t want to have it. I want my boob. Had to make a decision on reconstruction. But how can you decide when you can’t believe you have cancer. I don’t want this. Wish it would just go away and leave me alone x

Big hugs to you. I had a mastectomy on 1st April but have to have delayed reconstruction due to further treatment needed first. Although I didn’t have a choice in the matter I was glad to have whole thing removed rather than have the doubt something was left behind to cause problems in the future. I found the op fine, was home the next day and pretty much did things as normal from day 1. It is really important to do the exercises, they really help. Granted the new look takes a bit of getting used to but am fine with and you will be too. If you feel you can’t make decision re reconstruction at the moment can you ask for it to be done later? Take care xxxx

As Jules said,can you delay your reconstruction.?my first time round,I was given immediate reconstruction,then I had a meltdown…as I had not got my head round it at all.Looked normal,so just got one with life…Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Hi Ceri. So sorry to hear that you have been having a meltdown about your mastectomy. I had mastectomy nearly two years ago and felt just like you as I wanted desperately to keep my boob. I also wanted to get rid of the cancer though. I felt sad and also scared. I told myself that getting rid of the cancer and staying alive was more important than keeping my boob. The mastectomy operation was fine and I was pleasantly surprised that I had no pain after the operation and recovered quickly. I wasn’t able to have immediate reconstruction but that means I can have plenty of time to consider what type of reconstruction I want later. I’m still deciding but understand reconstructions often have very good results. At moment I have only one boob still, but honestly having lived with it have found it fine. Although I was sad at first it has not been nearly as bad as I thought, everyone has been really kind and I’ve even been swimming with my prosthesis. But I know that reconstruction is always an option. It is a horrid shock all of this but as time goes on you will feel better about it all. Sending lots of hugs.

Hi Ceri


I understand this totally, my last few days I have been in a panic, mastectomy booked for 5th May and I still cannot decide on what, if any reconstruction to have. I am now thinking, as others have advised, about delaying the reconstruction process. I had hoped to have all of this done and behind me, but I really can’t rush this, I must take one little step at a time to absorb all this info and try to avoid the meltdowns.


I think we would all love to run away, but this forum is here to pour it all out, hope all is ok with you, take care xx

Thanks everyone. It has been decided that I have a temporary implant as I need to heal quickly, and without risk of any failure or infection as 3-4 weeks after op I need to have chemotherapy. Then down the road we will look at reconstruction x