mastectomy on Monday

mastectomy on Monday

mastectomy on Monday Hi
just to let t let the people who were kind enough to respond last week know that my CT and bone scan were both clear and the appointment with my consulant went Ok.
I am booked to have a mastectomy with sentinel node disection on Monday morning.He is expecting me to need radiotherapy so has recomended that I wait rather than having an immediate reconstruction.
To India I know we had appts on the same day I hope yours went ok.
Love Beth x

Monday Hi Beth,

Glad your scans were ok, that’s great news!

Good luck for Monday - will be thinking of you. Come back and let us know how it all went when you feel up to it.

Jacki xx

good luck. I hope you have as easy a time as I had. I had mascectomy and full lymph removal. Only needed paracetamol once after op. let us know how you go on love Eileen