Mastectomy on the 11th

Hi. Had left mastectomy and axillary node clearance on 11th of April. Unfortunately developed a large seroma which I’ve had drained three times already. I got pathology results the other day which were good. The two affected lymph nodes (TNBC) showed a complete pathological response to the chemo and immunotherapy. There was no cancer in the other 9 lymph nodes that were removed. In order to prevent recurrence my oncologist wanted me to have a mastectomy but the surgeon wanted me to have whole breast radiotherapy. I decided on mastectomy. Surprisingly, some precancerous cells were found in my breast (DCIS) even though nothing at all showed on my MRI or my PET scan. Hope everyone else who had surgery recently is doing okay! I have been doing my exercises and my arm and shoulder movements are definitely improving!


Hi there BiRo

Sorry to hear of your seroma woes but also great to hear that your lab results were positive. Sounds like the results are quite quick in your area. I hope your seroma settles soon.

I had bilateral surgery on the 16th April. Left mastectomy and right lumpectomy, with SNB on both sides. So far, I’ve not had any issues with the scars.

I’m also doing my exercises, which I find much more uncomfortable on the mastectomy side. I’ve just started the more advanced ones. The exercises do help with my confidence. I’ve always had quite good upper body strength, it feels weird to be so ‘fragile’.

I’m hoping to get my results next week but it might not be till mid-May if the results aren’t in before next Monday’s MDT.

I’m feeling less anxious than I did in the two months between diagnosis and surgery. I’m not sure if I’m getting used to the waiting, or I’m just shellshocked from surgery!

At the moment, my main preoccupation seems to be finding a comfortable bra, so far, all are excruciatingly uncomfortable!

Hope your progress continues.

Healing wishes, S

Hi I had surgery the flap one were taken fat from tummy last June and lymph nodes removed under arm ik doing good boob sumtimes still tender especially if my little pushes down. Under my arm though is perfect and when I had it done was the worst part was so painful and couldn’t move it for about 3 weeks. Hope you recover well x

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Hi. Just had the seroma drained for the fourth time but I can feel it filling up again already😞. I read somewhere that a seroma could double your risk of lymphaedema but the nurse today said that wasn’t true. Hope she’s right! I got 2 front fastening bras for £15 from Primark click and collect with pockets both sides. They are quite comfy.

Hi there, so sorry to hear that the seroma is still troubling you, sounds quite frustrating. I too hope your nurse is right,

I have developed a little swelling too, I’ll be calling my breast nurse tomorrow for advice. Gosh! This thing just keeps giving…

My bra situation continues. I think it’s because I actually have different needs on my left and right. Maybe there’s a gap in the market creating suitable bras for after bilateral surgery.

Hope you’ve had a peaceful weekend.

Hi. I do hope you are not developing a seroma! Mine was so uncomfortable that yesterday I asked my husband to put on a compression bandage. It felt so much more comfortable with this on that I have ordered a couple of compression bras! I can’t understand why my breast care nurse told me that I didn’t need any compression. In a few weeks I will be getting a fitting for my silicone prosthesis and apparently at our hospital you are given a free bra! You should be offered a prosthesis for each side at your clinic. I don’t know if you will be given a free bra as well. However any bra should fit you better if you use the prostheses.

Hi there, great to hear that the compression bandage helped. Hopefully, the compression bras will continue to do the trick.

I wasn’t given any advice about bra’s either. But I have read that others were advised to wear compression/sports bras after lupectomy. Not sure about bras after mastectomy? I had a lumpectomy on the right side and a mastectomy on the left. I’ve found the bra painful on my left side. It is getting better though, I aslo found a good soft bra which seems to be doing the trick.

I saw the nurse today, who was super helpful and reassuring, it seems my swelling is in the expected range. She advised that I wear a bra all the time, to avoid strain on the stitches in right breast. I’m two weeks in now, so I’m hoping the discomfort will ease up!

I don’t think we get free bras here but yes prosthesis fitting at around wk 6, I think.

What a new world we’re in eh?

Hope you get some relief with the compression bras.

Take care, S

Yes, the compression bras are helping. I’ve had an appointment to go for my prosthesis fitting soon. I’m so sorry you have had bilateral breast cancer. That is quite unusual. What is the different type in each breast?

Hi, glad to hear that the compression bras are helping.

In my mastectomy side I had Invasive ductal carcinoma, the tumour was 16mm but pre cancercerous cells extended to a much larger area, hence the mastectomy.

On the right side, there was 11mm Invasive lobular carcinoma. Both are hormone sensitive.

My team have commented that I’m pretty unlucky to have 2 types bilaterally, so I’m also waiting for genetic results.

I continue to feel stronger every day. The exercises get easier too. I even socialised yesterday, had a bit of a dance and today went out for dinner. Helped to feel that I’m still me.

I hope the weekend is being kind to you. S

Hi. Hope your genetics results are okay. Glad you have been able to do some socialising. I have been doing a bit of light gardening and have been out to church etc. I am still very tired - but I am nearly 69! Seroma still there so getting it drained again on Wednesday. Enjoy the Bank Holiday tomorrow!

Thank you, you too enjoy your bank holiday. It’s great that you’ve been able to do some of your usual activities. S

Hi Shaka, Have you come across the UNO bra? I had a mastectomy and lumpectomy and found the unobra a godsend. It supports my lumpectomy side an doesn’t upset my mastectomy side. I have an expander for when the seroma is too large. Not cheap but great to have. My lumpectomy side was very grateful!

Hi Jennyb1

Hope you’re doing well.

Thanks so much for sharing that. I’d not heard of it.

I find my lumpectomy side is changing all the time. I’ve no idea what size it is now, except that it isn’t what it was before!

Are you going asymmetrical then?

I’ve not been able to get my head around that and find the Irregular size uncomfortable. Sigh :smirk:

Is the unobra comfortable to sleep in? I’m yet to find anything that is comfortable enough.

Thanks again for sharing. Peace

Hi there, i am asymmetrical. I have a boost prosthesis which i sometimes wear. ( right mastectomy and left lumpectomy) Mostly i don’t bother. There is a facebook group called flat friends which helped me a lot. Reconstruction wasn’t feasible for me as i am older(64) and the prosthesis are designed for young women. Also i need chemo and radio so reconstruction needed to wait till after that. At first i was shocked but now i am comfortable with it.

Post op i wore a macom post surgery bra for two weeks, then a cancer research post surgery bra. My lumpectomy side was not impressed. I tried a bravissimo sleep bra which was more supportive but too much for the mastectomy side. The unobra was great for the lumpectomy side and the best i have found for the mastectomy side. I got abra expander from amazon to accommodate my seroma. Now i am ok at night without anything but i am 6 weeks post mastectomy.