mastectomy plus immediate Ld flap no implant

Has anyone had one of these?
I would like to hear all about your experience. I am booked in!

I’m 5 weeks post-op now Molliana (although I did have implants as well). I had a bilateral mastectomy though; are you the same or are you having a single mx? I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to my experience xx

I am having a single mx. How are you feeling? For some reason I am wondering how your back feels after? I was thinking about sleeping and i like to sleep on my left side and the op is all happening on my right side. Will I be able to still?

Why is it difficult to sleep on your left side. I just assumed it would be ok as they haven’t done anything to that side?

Hi there,
I had LD recon, no implant in October & will have lipo fill Iin a couple of months. I’ve had a great recovery, scars are now thin white lines and within 6 weeks I was sleeping “normally”, on my side, and have no problem sleeping on my front either. As already mentioned, a V pillow was a great help for the first few weeks, plus I wore a sports type bra 24/7. RRecovery was slow for the first couple of weeks but 5 weeks was a turning point… I missed not having a bath for 3 weeks though.
There is numbness to my back & as I had quite a lot of LD muscle used ( as no implant) I did have a haematoma that needed drained several times.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Artemis17 you sound really positive. When I have my two lumpectomys I was still sleeping on my side sort of hugging a pillow so that my sore boob was resting on it. Maybe I will be able to get into that position. I really need to sleep as I am on my own with a four year old. You do sound positive. Are you pleased with it? I was beginning to worry that I had made the wrong decision. What does lipofil involve?
Kitten_mad thank you also. Perhaps I should adjust my expectations a little x

Molliana I think you’ll be able to sleep in the same way as after your lumpectomy, just make sure you get comfortable as it does take a while to get used to the tightness across your back. Alternatively try being slightly more upright using the V pillow as well.
As I haven’t had an implant, my new boob is pliable & has a natural droop to it, although its still a bit smaller than my good boob, im pleased with it so far & the lipo fil is to smooth out the upper field where there isn’t fat or breast tissue. This will also increase the size back to my natural C cup. It involves taking fat from another area such as tummy or live handles and re-inserting it to the new site.
I think as long as you manage your expectations & give yourself time to recuperate you’ll do great. Like I said although i felt knocked for 6 for a few weeks, once recovery started, I progressed quickly. Are you having any nodes removed too?.
Good luck when the time comes and I’ll keep an eye out for any posts.

Thank you.
Yes I am having nodes removed. I already had a snb done with the second lumpectomy. Straight after surgery they said both removed were negative. Unfortunately when they came back from the lab they said there was a micro bit in one so I guess they are doing a clearance and i have to keep everything crossed again.
interesting about the lipofil. I am a C Cup too and am hoping they can get enough muscle to match them. I hadn’t heard of the lipofil. Is it done with the nhs?

Did they say why they didn’t want to do an immediate reconstruction? Or was it you that didn’t want to? It’s just that it’s highly likely I am having chemo and radiotherapy too. Not herceptin tho.

Silly question but after surgery, when you wake up, are you lying on your back??

Hi Molliana
I’ve just had double mx with immediate LD recon, 8 days ago! I am finding sleeping and sitting comfortably quite difficult but with lots of pillows including a V pillow I do get to sleep but am very stiff when I wake up. Remember though I am only 8 days post op!! I sleep on my back and thought that I’d be able to get onto my side once all the drains were out but haven’t so far! Walking about is fine but obviously you can’t overdo it to start with! Am up for lots of questions so please feel free to fire away! I found someone on here who’d had almost same as me 4 weeks previously and it was great to bombard her with questions. The more you know before, the better prepared you are!!

Wow. You are doing well. Does it hurt? I still can’t understand why you can sleep on your side …well maybe if you have had both done I guess but surely the side I haven’t had done will be for sleeping on?

Sorry typo …why you “can’t” sleep on your side

Ohh I feel for you. you sound like you are doing well tho and over the worst. Are you having any other treatment?