mastectomy - question about nightwear

Hi - this is probably a silly question but I’m worrying about it.

I’m due to go in for a double mastectomy in 2 weeks. I’ve been told to take nightwear into hospital that I don’t have to put over my head. I was thinking pyjamas but then thought I’d be having a drain under one arm pit and how that could work with a sleeve - also perhaps they’re a bit hot.

I don’t live near any shops so will either have to order from internet or make a longer trip to get something.

what can anyone advise?

Hi Elinda45,

I had double masectomy in dec 08 with immediate recon using the back muscle, and i worried about this problem too, in the end i wore a pj top long sleeved because it was winter time but now you could wear the short sleeved ones. I also got the next size up to give you a bit more room you can buy top and bottoms seperate i got mine from asda. The drains lay underneath your top and come out at the bottom of your top so there not in the way.

Hope this helps

Take Care and Good luck with your op

Leslee x

Hi, I managed to get a button up the front night shirt, t-shirt material and that was ok, but also got sleeveless stetchy mothercare one (nice and large so easy to get on and off & fit drains thru) and that was just as good really. Good luck with double mastectomy and hope you find something suitable.

I had mast dec 05 and recon dec 07, both times woke up with the hospital gowns and stuck with them as loose so nobody could notice change in body shape + allowing for drains and easy access for the nurses, I also always took in my pashmina great to throw around the shoulders and chest area especially if a general surgery ward or you feel you want to cover up.

Debbie XX

I wore vest tops because I could pull them up instead of having to lift my arms up above my head - found it a lot easier with drains too - just make sure they’re a size bigger to give room for dressings. I found hospital very warm so they were cooler. Used my dressing-gown over my shoulders for modesty at visiting time!! Hope this helps and good luck!
Kaye x

Thanks to all for your suggestions - alot of good ideas there. I’m off to the shops today so I’m sure I can find something.
Elinda x

Short sleeved PJs for me - easy to get on and off (don’t think I would have managed a vest top), and as Leslee says, the drains just come out between the two halves!.By going a bit bigger than normal, they are comfy and flattering too. Good luck, Julie

Only buy cheap PJs/nighties etc as they may get blood-stained (sorry - don’t want to frighten you) and there’s no point spoiling epensive stuff.

I agree with buying at least one size too big - try the supermarkets - I got my shortie PJs from Tesco for £5/pair.

Best of luck to you,

Bella xx