Mastectomy & Rads??

Hi Everyone,

Just looking for a bit of advice for my mum. Back in June she had a mastectomy and full node clearance. At the time after the op we were advised that she would begin chemo and the benefit of radiotherapy was unknown. Mum has been on arm 4 of the Tact2 trial and has two lots of tablets left to take which all going well she will complete early December. Whilst at the hospital yesterday she has now been advised that Radiotherapy will be necessary and she will receive an appointment from the hospital to speak to the consultant specialising in Rads… We had thought with full node clearance and mastectomy that there would be nothing to zap so to speak and I just wondered if anyone can shed any light on, maybe someone else is in same position??? Its just to give my mum some reassurance as she is a bit down with thinking she was nearly finished which I’m sure you’ll understand… Thanks in anticipation, Maree

I was offered a choice of wle, or mastectomy. Told if I had mast prob wouldn’t need chemo or rads. Ended up having the lot. Basically, it’s all to do with the pathology reports, size of margins (space of normal tissue around tumor), lymph type and ammount involvment.

These extra treatments are often considered as insurance to make sure, belt and braces approach. Tell your mum not to worry too much, it’s prob just a make sure thing, but she should really ask her team the reason for this unexpected treatment.

Love Irene

Hi Irene,

Thanks for the information, spoke to my mum today and she has perked up a little. She said that she has read some info on rads that I printed off and is now going to put it to the back of her mind (as much as poss) and get on finishing the chemo and looking forward to Christmas. Plus as you say we will ask consultant etc for more information when the appointment comes through.

Thanks again