mastectomy & reconstruction

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 1st May, and due to have a left mastectomy and reconstruction from my back and a reduction on my right breast 16th May. I am currently a G cup, and my surgeon is aiming to make me a C cup. I was very surprised to be offered this as I am 61 years old. I will be glad to be smaller although apprehensive about what I am facing in 2 days time. I am also having LN taken away. It has been very informative reading all the comments. I have no idea what follow up treatment I am going to have, I have just been told there is a possibility I might need chemo or radio therapy. I am very afraid. As I have no support until 28th May I will have to stay in hospital for two weeks, until help arrives in the form of my sister. Am I going to get through this at my age I wonder


My names Ali, I’m 42, diagnosed on Friday and seeing a plastic surgeon tonight to see if they can save any of my breast. Of course you’re gonna get through it… we need to be strong. Have you watched any videos/dvd’s? I’m supposed to prior to seeing the surgeon tonight but couldn’t bring myself to, then why I tried there the tape got chewed up - oh happy days! You have to take care, keep your chin up and if you need a chat then just private message me!

Ali x

HI Redpepper
I was diagnosed in July 2006 just before my 60th birthday. I had a right mastectomy and immediate reconstruction from my back. I also had lymph nodes removed. I was small busted, so did not require a reduction or anything. My follow up treatment was chemotherapy and radiotherapy and then tamoxifen. I also took part in the Tact 2 trial.
If it helps you I am have now been back at work for 10 months. I work as an admin assistant in a high school office and love my job. I had not intended to retire at 60 anyway, wanted to work on for another while so having my job to go back to gave me a goal to aim for while having treatment.
Please try not to be afraid, you will get through this. I know everyone says it but believe me the worst part is the unknown and the waiting.
If you have any questions, please just ask and I will try to answer them.
Love and take care