Mastectomy scar re-opend

Hi, has anyone out there had the scar reopened. 19 months after mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy, I felt a lump on the scar. I had a biopsy which was clear but the surgeon decided to operate and clear all the debris from inside. I had lots of problems with seroma after my mx and it was drained numerous times. 3 or 4 days after the re-excision I felt the fluid building up again, 10m days after surgery I went for a check up and was told the fluid would absorb. Unfortunately 3 days later the wound burst open and fluid was like a fountain coming out. This was 5 months ago, since then I have been having it packed and dressed every day and the fluid still keeps coming. I see my surgeon on the 5th April and he intends to stitch the large hole I have where my breast was. My worry is will the fluid burst the wound open again, it was glued at the surgery in October. Has anyone else been in this situation? Pam

Oh my goodness Pam, what a time you have had. I don’t have any experience to help you with, but just to encourage you to be all assertive with the surgeon that you want something done to the area that will last and deal with the fluid if poss. My friend’s caesarean scar came open and they restiched that…for what its worth,
very bw to you, Nicola

Hi there, not exactly the same but similar. My mx scar reopened I think about 4 weeks post surgery. Like you I had terrible problems with seromas. I was taken back to surgery, the wound was debrided (basically taking off any dead skin) and then sewn back together. I was also given a massive drain at the same time which I had in for a couple of weeks.

This all worked well even though my seromas continued for several months afterwards.

Hope it works well for you. Elinda x

Thanks Nicola and Elinda for getting back to me. I have felt really fed up with my situation, although I have been back to clinic for check ups 5 times since the surgery the first 3 times I saw a different surgeon each time. All told me that the hole would heal and the fluid absorb. Fortunately the last twice I have seen the surgeon that did my mx, he has told me not to worry he will get it healed. I just hope he will make a decision next week and get it sorted out. We are due to go to Venice on the 2nd May so hoping I can go without taking tons of dressings with me that take half my luggage up. The insurance company (insure pink) have already said I won`t be covered if I have surgery within 6 weeks of travel. What to do, do I carry on and have surgery when I get back or go on holiday (its only for 5 days)after surgery and risk it.Pam

I am sorry to say I am always a health first person, but tell your surgeon about your hol, and they can help you think it through. bw Nicola

I saw breast surgeon today and he has decided to refer me to a plastic surgeon as the wound is still not improving much. He did say I could go ahead with my trip to Venice the 1st week in May.
I just can`t believe that 5 months down the line from re-excision it looks like I will need to have more surgery. Have any of you ladies out there been in this situation? It seems I am unique as I have yet to meet anyone who has had this problem. I love this forum and the support given. Pam