Mastectomy Swimwear.

Hi all…im not sure if i am posting in the right place but would like some advice for my mum. She has just finished chemo and is trying to look to the future and book a holiday for late next year. The only problem is she can’t find any suitable mastectomy swimwear that is not completly over priced. Any advice would be much apreciated. Thanks!

Hi, in answer to your question, I got some nice swimwear from M and S reasonbly priced, I got them from the store, but not all stores stock them, you can look at them online same with bra’s hope this helps junieliz

Thanks for your reply. Im guessing it to be the larger stores which stock them. Ill let her know so she can give it a try. Thanks :slight_smile:

George at Asda have one mastectomy swimsuit priced at £14 (I think). I bought one at Asda last year and it looked good on. I’ve also bought one off ebay and Marks & Spencer - they now have a sale on. I agree most are overpriced.

I have been using a hidden-shelf strappy top with shower scrubby insert as described on another thread, underneath my old cossie, black-on-black, and no-one seems to have noticed. It neatly raises the neckline to a few cm above the absent cleaveage, and it secures the scrubby. I wear the hidden shelf top inside out, so that I can get it on first and then insert the scrubby into what is now an exterior pocket, and then deal with the cossie over the top.

It does look very very boring, in fact I think i must be practically invisible in it, just one more middle-aged pool-hippo! It’s better that than being stared at though, for me.

Asda is where I do a lot of my shopping, I might have a look tomorrow :slight_smile: Hmmm, that seems to be the costume from last year, I cant find it on the current but I agree with the first reviewer it would be too low for me. Another thing to watch out for is the armhole height, if it is too low and shows too much, or if it is too high and irritates your scars.

Keep an eye on the NicolaJane website as they often have sales.

I know some are pricey, but there are also sale bits, but amoena does quite nice costumes that you can buy on line or oreder a catalogue. M&S told me they were no longer doing costumes, just bras,

Tankinis from Eloise Lingerie are good - I booked a holiday some time in advance and waited until they had a sale. As your mum has a while before her holiday she should find that there will be a few sales before the end of 2012. I hope she has a lovely holiday.

Amoena have some in their sale reduced to half price. Just google it and browse.

Oooh, I like that pink one :slight_smile: rats I lost the link, i think it was called ravenna, it has a cross-over strap and pink panel with balck bits. Birthday hint time…

Don’t laugh but this morning I found a nice black and white spotty normal tankini in M&S that had a little area to the side of the cup open to take the cup liner out if you want.

I have cut a round shower loofer up a little and it fits in perfectly to the are with not a bad shape. Much cheaper than a swim prosthesis, cost £1.49 at Marks too!


I wore a costume from Matalan which only cost £12, prior to reconstruction. It was higher at the front than a usual fashion costume and fitted nicely under the arms. It had formed cups which safely held a small home made beanie prosthesis. (I was only a 32A). I still wear a similar one fron Matalan, although I doubt they will be in store at this time of year, but perhaps online.