Mastectomy - tips

I pass this on in the hope it may be of use to those like myself who have had a mastectomy.

The October edition of the magazine “Sewing World” price £3.95 which came out today has many useful hints and tips for those who have had a mastectomy. Advice on bras, camisoles, which necklines suit for dresses and adaptations to patterns. They also feature patterns which would be suitable.

I am currenctly looking or an evening dress without success so far unless I am covered to the neck! Halternecks and cowl necks are best suggests the article.

Does anyone know if it is possible to get a strapless bra into which a prothesis can be fitted.

Hello Starfish,
I had a mastectomy op 6 weeks ago and will be going on a cruise in new year. All previous eve dresses I own are designed showing cleavage - so I was interested to see that somebody else was thinking about this - I dont as yet know how I will get around this as I have trouble finding my size (8) or small (10) - I will keep watching your site incase you find the answer - if I do I will let you know.


Thanks for tip, just wgat I needed! Am going to a wedding nxt month and need some ideas for an outfit for the evening do. Can you get sewing world online?

strapless bra you can pop your prothesis into.

Jackie x

Have looked in the two cataolgues I have and Nicola Jane, have a bra that has clear straps and has multi-way strap options including halterneck. I haven’t tried any of their products yet as I still have a large seroma unfortunately but I’ve heard they are good. I see sizes range from 32 AA to 42 C.
Strange that there is lack of strapless bras for prostheses though. Would have thought that would be feasible.

Thanks for all your info on strapless bras. I shall check them out.

Sometimes a little extra V or square of lace to go into the plunge line of the dress or top will work wonders.

On T shirts that are low a little vest can go underneath so that you are covered but look good.


I find body tape useful for holding the neckline in place if you are a bit nervous of it slipping or falling forward. I use Eylure Tape and I buy it from Amazon.

Maude xx

hi has any one had a mx at haywards heath just wondered how long u are in for been told 2 diff times surgeon said 24 hrs hos says 3 to 4 days any advice would be nice fealing nervous scared hate ops thanks laura