Mastectomy under local

Hello. I’m 68 and single. I have had a difficult few months since a diagnosis of high grade DCIS in August. Mastectomy was planned in September but is now due on 3rd Jan. My heart conditions have complicated things and it is now being done under local anaesthetic as the hospital will not provide main theatre space. IAs the op approaches I am becoming extremely anxious that I may become aware during surgery. Has anyone had this done?

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I had a partial mastectomy which got an infection in it a week later. Eventually after it didn’t clear up with antibiotics, I had the infected liquid removed under local anaesthetic on the ward. I found this much better than going into an operating theatre and not being aware. After surgery I was in lots of pain but there was no one around to give me any painkillers.

So I would say being awake means you can shout to tell them you are in pain! That is ideal as far as I am concerned