Mastectomy vs. Lumpectomy

Okay, just made the decision to have a mastectomy rather than lumpectomy and the hospital are fine with this and to be honest I feel a wave of relief.

Apart from the fact that obviously I have chosen to loose the whole breast rather than part, which i am okay about. I guess the initial recovery will take longer but at least i do not have to worry about test results or radiotherapy.

Going to talk to breast cancer nurse tomorrow, not sure how this affects the rest of the treatment i.e. HER2 and nodes and chemotherapy, but boy, I already feel better in myself.


DEar Annie Marie

So glad for you that you have been able to make a decision about the treatment that feels right for you. I can just hear the relief in your e-mail that you know what you’re doing, and why. So hard to have to try and make these decisions when we are newcomers to the whole complex world of breast cancer and it’s treatment, and when it’s hard to know just what each decision will entail. Anyway, just wanted to say, well done, good luck, and hope that you get lots of support and care and that your op goes well for you when the time comes. Sarah xx

Thanks Sarah

Got my first good nights sleep since being diagnosed and it felt good.


Hi Annie Marie

Its so tough when u have such big decisions to make and is a relief when u come to a definite decision on what u are wanting. I am 29 and was dx with low grade DCIS. However I have a family history of BC and very small bust and after an excisional and a re excisional have opted for a double mastectomy. The idea does scare me but at the same time I know I am doing the right thing for me, it gives me a sense of control over my situation. Do you have a date for the mastectomy yet?


Hi Annemarie

are you having immediate reconstruction? have you been offered it? do you want it?

I am like you having mastectomy by choice but also immediate recon. another big decision you may have to make.
hope every thing goes well for you


Hi Chris and Melanie,

Going in on Fri 14th (could be worse could be the 13th!). Yes, your right Melanie, it does give you a sense of control to be able to have a say in your treatment, i’m waiting at the moment for the hospital to confirm if it is HER2 positive as well as ER+, I find it easier to deal with, knowing what exactly it is i’m dealing with (if that makes sense). Like Melanie, Chris, I have not got too much to loose in front, so at the moment have decided not to go for reconstruction. Although if i did, i think I would opt for immediate recon. like yourself.

Good luck girls and keep smiling, harder said then done some days I know.