Mastectomy.. What should I expect>

I’m due to have a mastectomy soon and I’m nervous (obviously). I know what to expect to the point of having my breast tissue removed and replaced with a “tissue filler”, but what should I expect recovery wise. What will the pain be like and how will it affect my day to day activities. I don’t mean like running off to play tennis but I have 3 girls (under the age of 6… 1 a 21 week old baby). How long will I not be able to hold my child properly for??


Lots of questions and worries are starting to creep in, I know I can speak with my Macmillan nurse but If anyone could give me a bit of insight I’d be happier and ready when it comes to booby off day!


Thanks in advance


Hi kate,
I had a mastectomy yesterday and I feel fine, mine was a single masectomy tho. I had my op at 9am and was home last night, my drain came out today and I can move my arm quite freely tho it obv does feel a little stiff. I was given an information leaflet and it say you can drive after 2 weeks so I think recovery is a lot quicker than we think. My consultant said its not as bad as we think it is going to be because there is only tissue…no muscle. I wouldnt lift my little boy as I am today but I have had him lifted on to my knee for cuddles xx