Mastectomy with DIEP reconstruction in September


Are there any ladies out there who will be undergoing surgery next month who would like to communicate for a bit of mutual support? I’m 59 and booked in for a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction on Friday 13th (ha ha) September. Very anxious about it. I suppose I’m luckier than some as it’s just the one boob affected with DCIS but worried about post op follow up and what they will find. Would love to hear from you.

Hi Cornishmum

I’m due to go in on 4th September with op on 5th. I’m 56. DCIS on left side and going in for mx and immediate diep reconstruction. Total shock as it was picked up at routine screening and came completely out of the blue. It’s all feeling very unreal and I’m still waiting for someone to tell me that it’s all a big mistake!

Completely understand the anxiety. Despite hardly sleeping, I’m hyper and buzzy. I’m sure it’s purely adrenaline and has to crash sometime…

I’m lucky that the team have been fantastic every step of the way. I made a list of questions from things I’ve read on here and the BCN was great in answering everything in a hugely reassuring way and said to call if I had more. But I still want to throw up every time I think about it. 

Like you, I keep telling myself that I’m lucky it has been picked up at such an early stage, that it’s just one side, that I’m not expected to need other treatments. It just doesn’t feel that lucky atm. 

If I can figure out how to send hugs on here, there’ll be one coming your way. 


Hi Julia and wendy … I am a little behind you guys but just read your thread which  was helpful . I had a breast reduction on 20/8 but didn’t get margins so am waiting for a date for a mastectomy / Diego reconstruction if the surgeon says yes … seems to be only one guy that does it in my area so although I have an available cancer surgeon I don’t have surgeon 2 … he isn’t even free to make an appointment with me … so I am just in a waiting game at the moment … I was glad to hear about your surgery and journey ! Anne Marie

Hi there

I had my masectomy and reconstruction on 15th August so I’m about a month into my recovery. If you’d like to chat then I’m here… No problem at all x


I hope it all went well last week and you are on the road to recovery


Take care