I am having a mastectomy on 7th October and am terrified, I am having a reconstruction at the same time but this also sounds really scary, my consultant says they won’t look symmetrical and I will probably need an implant in the remaining breast in the future. It’s all so much to take in, I was only given the bad news a week ago . I would love to hear from anyone else facing mastectomy or who has been through this as I feel really alone, the nurses are great and my husband is very supportive but I think only someone in the same position can really understand your fears.

Dear Ali9
Welcome to the BCC forums where you will soon have lots of support from others who know how you are feeling, our helpliners are on hand with further practical and emotional support on 0808 800 6000 so please feel free to call. Lines are open 10-2 today and 9-5 weekdays.

You may find the following links to further information about undergoing surgery and reconstruction helpful , there are also lots more support ideas in the links including ‘One to one’ support whereby you can talk to others who have had similar experiences via telephone or email:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Ali I too am facing a mastectomy Ive known for 2 weeks and it feels like an eternity. It’s scary and the waiting is the worst. I still have to get results from a biopsy of other side as I had a lump there too! smaller tho. I will hopefully have all results this week and a treatment plan date for surgery etc. I don’t know whether to have recon at same time or not due to not knowing if I’ll get rads or not (rads can mess up recon implants or tissue) I really hope this is the worst time. and once the cancer is out you feel a bit of relief. Anyone that can tell us this?  Obviously you are recovering from surgery etc and then we have the chemo etc to deal with but I’m hoping that getting the evil out of you offers a little relief. Good luck with surgery Stay strong I know it’s hard I have a good wobble every 2 days! be kind to you xx

Hi Ali9


i had a mx back on 16th August, seems like a lifetime ago already. Although i wouldn’t wish it on anybody, it was not as bad as i had imagined, i had a couple of drains still attached but was feeling fine with a little pain relief. Once my drains were gone (after a couple of days for me, but it can vary) i could manage most things for myself.

Its the waiting and imagining that make things worse.

Take care



Hi Ali, I had a mx on 20th Aug, day procedure. It wasnt as bad as i thought it would be., honestly. I didnt have any drains, just a big sticking plaster. I didnt have recon though, so cant speak for how that feels. But I was able to do stuff, kept being told off by family! Everyone on here will know how you feel - it is all scary, but we all have to help each other get through it. Hugs xx

I understand you anxieties and fears. I’m having a mastectomy on 8th October. Found a lump in June, it was diagnosed in July . I’ve had several weeks to come to terms with having breast cancer and that i will be having a mastectomy and reconstruction but when I had a phone call on Friday to tell me of my surgery date I was upset and scared. I’m now worrying about what to take in to hospital especially what bras to take in. Can anyone help with this

Thank you all for replying, it means a lot to know I am not alone. I have another lump on the other side which is benign but now I am wondering if I should ask for a double mastectomy, this one feels the same to me as the cancerous one did a few months ago. I have had two benign lumps removed in the past and I presumed this one was the same so I left it all summer.

i,ve seen women with mastectomy in hospital  where I’ve had my surgery because of breast cancer invasive II grade, and i can assure you they stand it very well, not too much pain, emotionallly is much difficult then phisically. Don’t be scared, you must think as you are going to kill the enemy in your body, cutting him out asap. I was in hospital for only 24 hours, recovering, surgery and going home. I’ve had quadraentectomy and sentinel node. It’s almost 3 months of that and now I’m waiting for radio therapy, 33 times. Don.t be afraid, now that you discovered your enemy, he is in much fear than you. Keep faith and be strong, cancer don’t like people with positive attitude, they want to be scared, this is their stronger weapon. I badly need someone to talk, first time in a forum, please if you can, respond me, we can keep in touch. I’m from Croatia. Good luck

Hi im having single mystectomy on 9th october ,my pre op is tommorow ,im upset that i cant have reconstruction at the same time ,due to treatment thats ahead  of me ,i have grade 1 and 2 in the same breast ,from having a routine mammagram to this in the space of 2 weeks ,it seems so unreal ,i had no lump or other symptoms ,i have lobular cancer ,i will be having lymph nodes removed ,radiation ,herceptin ,they have mentioned chemotherepy ,which i may refuse to have ,as this is frightening me more than anything ,hope all goes well for you ,will be thinking of you ,please let me no how you are getting on x

Hi Ali I’m having a mx and recon on the 8th oct. Tue. I too will be a little “short” on my new side but I figure we’ll deal with that after chemo and rads  treatment. At least we’ve got the bad guy out!! Good luck to us! I’ll see you on the other side of surgery! xxxx

Had a mastectomy and reconstruction yesterday . Feeling sore and very tired but operation not as bad as I thought it would be.

Hiya Ali9 and SanD  I hope that your surgeries went really well and that you feel better for having

crossed that bridge now.  I’m guessing that you will be out of action for a few days yet though.

I too am facing a mastectomy and immediate reconstruction , but I have to wait

until the end of the month - oh the joy!

If you could make contact with me at some point it’d be great.

Thinking of you, P

Having read Ali9s post and all your helpful replies im wondering how it went? I have a mastectomy and node clearance with reconstruction in a weeks time, they are planning a five night stay which seems overkill having read your experiences! I’m just wondering how long you guys have planned to take off work / be out of action? Having to let work know and don’t want to take too much off in case I need it for the chemo and radiotherapy which I have after?
Wishing you all the best of luck and hope you are recovering well from the op.

Hi there, I had my mastectomy on 28 Sept I was terrified but tried to make things as easy as possible.  New pj and downloaded movies to watch on my phone and music.  Got some Bluetooth headphones etc.  the nurses and surgeons were lovely and explained everything


i would suggest (but you don’t have to) I watched the Victoria Derbyshire blog that helped me.  I listened to her and literally saw myself she was saying everything I was thinking and feeling. 


Hope this helps

Hi Aii9, 

Just realised I’m too late for most of you now, but for those not yet,

I had 2006 and 2007 for mastectomies…


JBANK - Yeh I was in for 4-5 days each. Ask your breast care nurse to advise how long off work. It very much depends on what sort of work you do !! iIf it’s very physical, like digging roads (am joking),heavy lifting you’ll need longer off cos’ you’ll be very sore with restricted movement for quite a few weeks, poss 4-5. If it’s typing work it may be sooner…  A few extra suggestions for mastectomies :-


Keep up your painkiller levels and ASK for them if you’re in any pain.,

Take a SHOPPING BAG or PLASTIC BAG in with you to put you’re drain bottles in so you can walk around more easily whilst carrying them. Plus you don’t have to keep looking at a load of yukkie blood if you dont want to.**

Take some laxatives in with you  e.g. Dulcolax just in case the nurses forget to give you (as in my case) and ask to have counteractive laxatives at the same as pain meds, because strong painkillers really bung you up - makes you feel sluggish. I had a dreadful time before I came home from my op last March, kept asking for laxatives but nurses kept forgetting and sennatabs that I had with me had absolutely NO effect whatsoever. I wont go into all the details but it was very undignified !!.

Do the exercises as soon as poss the physio should come round to see you and do as often as poss - they are imperative and get you back to norm sooner.

Check out the post on what to take in with you. 

Get up and walk around, chat with any other BC ladies, it’s great to create buddies and it all helps with the healing - we had a real laugh. Even shared a secret smuggled in bottle of wine !!


Hope I’ve caught you in time and it goes well

Hope the rest of you are all doing well

Delly xx

Hi Ali, 13 weeks post mastectomy and reconstruction, back at work phased return ,swimming and enjoying life, New boob a bit big and sore still but good. Which records are you having ?

Hi Spongebob,

Think Ali is hopefully now ok from 2013.

Great to hear you are doing so well. Hope you can have your recon and natural boob evened up at some later stage. We’ve come into contact on other posts.

Keep well and stay in touch with how you’re doing

Delly xx

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