Hi,Am due to have a mastectomy on the 11/5 can anyone advise how long it was approx til they were up and about and back to work , i know it will vary from person to person . thanks tracey

Hi tracey, yes you’re right we are all very different and I think it depends how fit and mobile you were before, what job you do and what type of op you’re having.

I can only speak from my experience. I was a fit and healthy 47 year old with kids aged 9 and 12. I had mastectomy with full mode clearance and immediate implant reconstruction. I was driving and back to yoga 3 weeks after the op. I had drains in for a week, religiously did my exercises and massage every day so I’m sure that all helped. Also back to work at same time, although fortunately I was able to do reduced hours, working from home.

I suggest you plan ahead now for easy nutritious meals - ideally freeze loads if you can. If you’re living alone then consider moving things off high shelves to make it easier as you may not be able reach your arm

Hi Tracey I would echo RiversideDawns comments. I had a similar Operation and returned to work this week after 3 weeks. I have slightly restricted movements in my right arm but can manage. I drove after 2 weeks. Lou x

These comments are so very helpful and positive iv just had mastectomy and full reconstruction 4 days ago I’m 46 x