Had a mastectomy last Friday not sure what comes next

Hi Alison


A lot of exercising, a little discomfort (especially if you have a drain) and some waiting. Since you’ve had a mastectomy, presumably you have some form of breast cancer but diagnoses vary so you will wait for histology reports from the surgery, and then your consultant will make her/his recommendations. Don’t rely on what’s been said so far - there can be surprises. Then the multi-disciplinary team (?) will decide on the proposed treatment plan specifically for you.


It’s a strange time and the waiting can get you down. Be kind to yourself and remember, whatever lies ahead, you can handle it. You find your own ways. My advice is to take someone with you to each meeting to take notes and remind you of questions you may forget (if you have them. I didn’t want to know anything at the time).


Good luck. You’ll find some reassurance and good advice in the forum x