Mastitis and dent, cancer??

Hi, went to dr 8 days ago with visual breast infection. I’m 41, have not breastfed for 14years, breast was very red, extremely sore, enlarged and hard. Antibiotics issued (flucloxicillin) and told to see Dr again in 4 days, most of infection subsided but i do not fall into any categories for cause of infection, im not obese, i dont smoke, not pregnant, not post menopause etc Dr found 2 lumps and i have slight indent under breast which is visual when arms lifted. I have dr again in 2 days as they want to do a fast track referral but needed to wait for antibiotics to be completed. Im extremely worried, i should not have got breast infection there was just no reason and now with 2 lumps and indentation i really don’t know what to think. Any advise please

Hi Indi, I think you should push your doctor to just refer you immediately to get it checked out.  There is nothing to lose in having a referral and why are they adamant that the antibiotics have to be completed first.  Have you received any trauma to the breast recently which could have caused irritation to the tissue?  Many breast lumps are harmless but best to get them checked out. Xx

Thanks for your reply, when i saw Dr on Tuesday she said that breast clinic would not consider referral until tabs finished, hence why im back to Dr tomorrow. Im also going away tomorrow for 4 nights and Dr did ask that i cancel/postpone holiday, which i carnt. There was no trauma to the breast at all and no piercings etc. Do you think that breast cancer cam show up as an infection first as z warning, there is very little literature on non-lactating mastitis where a person doesnt fit into a risk category, so im so worried that it has to be sometning or it just wouldnt have happened x

Thanks again. Just having this forum to talk to is helping my stress and worry. Im convinced its not IBC as antibiotics have taken the infection symptoms away. The waiting is driving me in sane, i was first seen by locum on 16th who didnt take me seriously and didnt even examine me (must add ive not been to Drs for over 2 years). On Saturday 17th after very restless night and no sleep, i saw emergency Dr in excrutiating pain, when she diagnosed Mastitis without cause and found a large lump. That Dr said i must see a gp on Tuesday 20th for follow up, to see if tabs are working and to do referral. Saw another gp on Tues 20th, who felt 2 lumps, most infection had subsided by this point. Dr said need to see another Dr on Mon 26th for referral as tabs need to be finished first, on Tues she said she doesnt think its ‘C’ but is concerned with lumps and that i have infection with no cause. Im just fed up of seeing Dr after Dr and waiting, the waiting is killing me, i just want to know what’s going on. Oh and the indentation I noticed 2 days ago. All these things are in my left breast lower inner, not that it makes a difference. I just need to get to that app tomorrow at 8:40am and know that referral done, then maybe I can relax a bit. Thanks for your support, it means a lot to have someone to confide in x

Thanks for your input. Im sure its not IBC as the tabs took away most of infection, im just left with 2 small lumps and indent lower inner left breast. Im seeing Dr tomorrow and hopefully referral will be sent then. Just waiting is making me so aggitated. Its great to have this forum to write in, its helping me with the waiting but the constant niggle of what it might be never goes away. Xx

Forgot to mention, i have had no trauma to the breast and no piercings or breast surgery etc

So i have now been referred, 2ww guess it’s just a waiting game now. If app comes up this week, i will have to drive home go to app then travel back to hol as Dr was adament not to rearrange an app this week if it comes up ?