Mastitis or IBC

Hi my name is Sue, I am very worried at the moment and would like some advice please. I am being treated with anti-biotics for mastitis which my GP has told me after 2 days if there’s no improvement to go back and wet stronger ones, and if it still hasn’t cleared up after 2 weeks to go back and I might need it surgically drained. My worry is I am 53 and although had mastitis in the past, it was when I was breastfeeding. I have read that it is rare to get it at my age. The pain etc started Tuesday evening and I started the antibiotics yesterday. The red area is still getting larger. My GP said he’s treating me to see if it goes, what if he’s wrong and it turns out to be IBC, are these 2 weeks waiting going to make much difference or should I go back to my GP and tell him my worries and ask to be checked sooner. Sorry for the long post and hope someone can give me some advice.

Hi Sue I posted a couple of weeks ago with similar symptoms. I was given 2 lots of antibiotics, flucloxicillin and amoxicillin to be taken at the same time. After 2 days some of the redness had gone and the doctor was happy with it. However not all the redness went and I was left with like a bruised area and lumpyness in that area. I went back and was referred to breast clinic. Waited 2 weeks for appointment which was an awful time but everything was fine. I was also worried about Ibc and Google got me in a right panic because like it says, mastitus is uncommen in older women, I am 43. Obviously I can’t say whether it’s mastitus or not but if you feel it’s not improving then ask for him to refer you anyway even while still taking antibiotics. I had mentioned Ibc to my doctor and although he had said it definitely was’t the stuff I had read on Google contradicted all his reasons for it not being Ibc. Anyway I hope you get sorted and really sorry you are having this worry to deal with but I found alot of support on here. Stay away from Google lots of out of date info and it got me in a very bad state. The help line is also very good.
From Sessy.

Thank you for replying so quickly Sassy, so glad everything turned out OK for you :). The trouble is everything I read seems to say the same thing! Not feeling at all well, feel like I’ve got a chest infection coming now aswell :(. I had a scare last year and had a lump checked out which they said was ok. I think I’ll go back to my GP on Mkmday if I’m feeling the same.