I am due to go into hospital on 14th July to have a breast uplift. Can anyone tell me how long I am likely to be in hospital, what the recovery period is and how long after the op is it before you see the surgeon again.

I am also going to have some minor adjustments to my reconstructed breast. I had my reconstruction in April last year but it is still very hard and very tight. Does anyone else have this problem.

Hi Manzara

I had removal of DCIS, bilateral breast reductions and mastopexy last year. I was in for 2 days, mainly because I didn’t have morphine for pain relief (it always makes me ill and makes my recovery slow) and I just wanted to get out of the hospital, so they removed my drains and let me go home. I had the dressings (heavy strapping) removed one week later and saw the consultant a week after that. Recovery was quick, just remember to wear a supportive bra day and night for at least 8- 12 weeks.
Good luck x

Thanks for that Kate

Hi Manzara

I had a mastoplexy in Jan, I had it on Fri, drains out on Sat and home on Sun. I just had a small dressing on the wound under the breasts nothing around the nipple. Pain was minimal, just had paracetamol when I came out. I healed very quickly, and I have been really pleased with the results.

Good luck

Jackie x

That sounds very encouraging Jackie. Did you have to go for a follow up appointment?

I had a nipple constructed, an adjustment to reconstructed breast and a maxoplexy, all under local anaesthetic and came home the same day.

Well done you Kelley - that would be great

Hi Manzara

I’m also having mastoplexy/nipple in a few weeks so like you was glad to see the positive answers, I’m fed up with taking time off work after operations and will be glad when this ones over and done with, I keep thinking “why am I putting my self thru this”. The BCN said this is common as its the last hurdle, I say thank god its nearly all done.

I’m having mine done in Salisbury on 18th July - you’ll prob be home sat in the sunshine by the time I go in.

Good Luck - hope all goes well


yes like you clare I am fed up with operations and also wonder why I am putting myself through it. I suppose at the end of the day we want to look “normal”. Good luck with your operation and let me how you get on.


Hi Manzara and Clare, Im going soon for nipple recon. and mastoplexy. Like you I’m not totally sure why i’m going thru with even more surgery, but then why should we have to justify ourselves- I had booked a week of work in the hope I wouldn’t need any more sick time, today at pre assessment I was told I’ll need about 4 weeks off. I hope not, does anyone out there know- i have a fairly sedentary job. Kris

I was going to have mastoplexy but when Mr Allison told me what was involved I decided I had enough scars for now.
Just couldn’t face going back onto ward 35 either.
Maybe in the future I’ll have it done at the same time as a new nipple.
Was also told would need about a month to recover fully. Think they’re maybe being cautious.

Hi Kris

I am hoping to go back to work the middle of next week which will be a total of 2 1/2 weeks off, I’ve got to see Occupational Health on Tuesday and will probably be redeployed for a few weeks as my job involves lifting. I feel fine but boob still tender and a little swollen!!!

Shell - I know what you mean ab about the scars, I decided when my Surgeon popped to see me just before I went into Theatre not to have the nipple reconstructed and will have a tattoo instead, I didn’t want my DEIP’ed boob to have another scar and didn’t want to risk any infection. I had the mastopexy and dog ear scar tidied up on my tummy.

Can anyone tell me about sensation in the breast and nipple after mastopexy? And where are the scars?

I am investigating recon and have been told it is unlikely they will get a good match, because for me any recon will involve an implant, and that will sit higher than my other breast - hence the suggestion of a lift on the other side.

I am in principle dead against this - I never would have thought I could have been brought to this, that I am considering plundering perfectly healthy bodyparts for tissues for a recon, and even that I would consider risking my other breast which is all I have left.

But here I am - so would be glad to know from you ladies who have the experience what the changes to sensation are, and does this affect sex for you. Sorry to be so frank.

I’m interested in sensation of a uplifted nipple too… Snow white you are being frank but alot of us are thinking the same thing… Anyone out there had a mastopexy on good boob and still got near perfect sensation etc?



I had reconstruction (DIEP flap) and a mastopexy on good boob 4 weeks ago.All scars are healing really well, I’m now driving, swimming and back at the gym! I have as much sensation in the uplifted breast as I always had although too much ‘stimulation’ on the nipple can make it a bit sore! Sensation in the breast itself has not been affected.
I’m seeing the PS re nipple and tidy up next week-will ask about how much time off can be expected.
Snowwhite-the scars on lifted breast are on the underside of the breast running from the nipple to the base of the breast. There is a fine line around the nipple as this is removed when the breast is lifted. Even after just 4 weeks you can hardly see the scar around the nipple.
I would recommned it to anyone-I am thrilled with the results.
Love Gill x

I must be thick. What is a mastopexy?

I’ve not heard it mentioned at hospital.

Marilyn x

A mastopexy is an uplift of the breasts/breast. They cut an anchor shape around your nipple and under boob and basically tighten and lift then stitch you back together, making a new hole for your nipple to poke through. Google it and you’ll see!

My op is on the 29th September and then I will probably have an uplift six months later. Surgeon not willing to do it at the same time… so another op!

Hi All,

The nipple sensation on my good side is excellent to the point that it can be oversensitive sometimes
(I had breast reduction and mastopexy).

On my affected side, I opted for nipple tattooing instead of nipple recon. and very pleased with the result.