Matalan post surgery bras

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been in the Matalan store this evening and found that they are now selling very pretty, bilateral pocketed post surgery bras at just £6 - bargain x

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Very interesting. Do you think all stores do them ?

Hi Maria,
I don’t know about the other stores but certainly in the one I visited in Sheffield.
I would have thought / expected that all stores would have them; perhaps other ladies will be able to help with that one.

Hi, i got some post surgery bras from Asda, also £6 with part of the profits going to breast cancer charity

Hi Ladies,
The Matalan bras can also be ordered online, for anyone who cannot get to a store, l think the postage is £3.95 so still work out quite cheap.

Sandra x

Wow, those bras sound really good value. My local Matalan store doesn’t have them :frowning: I ended up paying quite a lot from a mail order company because I didn’t know about the above. They were/are nice comfy bras though - I used them in hospital and wear them at night now. I had bi-lateral mx and DIEP recon, and find the Tesco and Matalan sports bras, £5-6, are pretty good for support, comfort and shape. I actually wear them inside out as the seams don’t irriate that way round!
love Thorn x

Yes wrong way round is so much more cumfi no seams to dig in Jackie xx

I have been using the Asda £6 bras for some time - they are great and much better than the expensive ones from Amoena which never feel comfortable to me!