matching up

I am due to have, shortly, matching up surgery and my “old” side will be increased with an implant as it is smaller than my reconstructed side (which was an LD flap with no implant). Does anyone know how long the recovery time is for this operation?
Many thanks

I had a slightly bigger operation than you - in that I had an LD flap done first, but didn’t know originally whether I would be able to get away with lipofil to fill it or if I would need an implant. In the event I had an implant put in six months later, and also an implant in my good side as I was only a AA at that time. I had the operation on a Friday, took the following week off work and was back at work the next Monday.

I am having my implant replaced tomorrow as my rads have distorted it. I have been told not to drive for a couple of weeks and no heavy lifting of shopping, washing etc for at least the same and no cross trainer for 6 weeks. Best advice is to do as your surgeon says as opinions obviously vary as do our bodies!